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Asylum Seekers ‘Enrich’ Bavarian Church Festival

Afghan migrants arrested raped homeless woman Munich

Violence erupted at a church festival in Hirschaid, Bavaria, last weekend, after a gang of asylum seekers sexually abused and started fights with native Germans. According to the police report, a gang of foreign men confronted a group of German men for no apparent reason, resulting in mass brawls and multiple injuries.

However, the problems didn’t end there. The uninvited asylum seekers also preyed upon young German girls, with 3 girls between the ages of 13 and 17 reporting serious sexual assaults. 2 of the girls were cornered by the foreign perpetrators, being groped and molested before the asylum seekers took off to cause more unrest and upset.

The 3 girls were also witnesses to a second crime as a man was robbed at gunpoint. According to a German language news report of the incident, the suspect was detained by civilian security men, but ‘freed’ by the same 3 asylum seekers who had just come from sexually assaulting the teenage girls.

This is just one of a number of incidents in which smaller German towns are falling victim to the scourge of refugee criminality. The events are reminiscent of a similar criminal spree a few months prior, when migrants descended on the Schorndorf Volksfest, resulting in riots, brawls and the systematic sexual assault of young Volksdeutsche girls.

In the wider context of the German election season, it’s remarkable that Angela Merkel’s CDU party isn’t haemorrhaging support after the Chancellor publicly refused to set an upper-limit on the number of third world migrants she would allow into Germany. As we have seen, her policy of importing hostile migrants is having disastrous consequences for all concerned.

According to a report by the German Interior Ministry last year, 402,741 crimes were committed by recent migrants, with non-Germans accounting for almost 30% of all crime in the country. However, the same ministry is undoubtedly convinced that come polling day, Germans will have been sufficiently cleansed of Wrong Think so as to confirm Merkel’s reign for another 4 years.


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