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AntiWhite BBC Demands Extra 70K Non-White Teachers


The institutionally-Marxist British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has demanded an extra 68,000 Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) teachers for state-funded schools in England, claiming that teaching staff must reflect the demography of the school population.

Creaking under the strain of relentless massive immigration, some of England’s schools are now host to a student body which speaks in excess of 300 languages, leading the BBC  to pronounce that the 13% of BME teachers currently serving are unable to meet demand.

The National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers (NASUWT) welcomed the BBC’s report, stating that BME teachers face “institutional racism”, however, this was contradicted by BME teachers themselves, who explained that ethnic minorities simply prefer to enter the fields of medicine or science.

General Secretary of NASUWT, Chris Keates, stated: “Schools and Pupils are losing out on the talent and skills of BME teachers,” but this was debunked by a report in the Harvard Business Review that found that there is “no correlation between diversity and performance,” instead citing cognitive diversity as the main factor in performance.

This comes after a school in Lincolnshire was downgraded from ‘Outstanding’ to ‘Good’ by school inspectors Ofsted, because it was too white and lacked ‘experience’ of diversity – however, the school’s demographics merely reflected the 97% White British community in which it is situated.

In a stunning twist, Ofsted – amidst an ever-greater diversity spiral – were criticised for a lack of diversity within their own organisation, when it was revealed that their entire senior management was 100% composed of White officials.

A United Kingdom Independence party (UKIP) spokesman released a statement which lambasted the BBC’s report, saying:

“[The union’s] claim that the teaching profession is infused with deep-rooted institutional racism is bogus….this is politically correct virtue-signalling….it is more important than ever to abandon the outdated policies of multiculturalism…”

A recent report uncovered that the BBC itself has fallen far short of its insistence that other organisations mirror the demographics of their community, whilst 13.4% of its staff identify as BME, the BBC is headquartered in London – a city with a 40% BME population.

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