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Anti-White Infighting as the BBC and Ofcom Clash


In the past, the BBC has made no secret for their disdain towards persons of European heritage (see just one example here – a bit racist towards us, no?), but now they’re being criticised by Ofcom (Britain’s regulatory authority for media) for not being diverse enough. Yes. You did indeed read that – the spokes-agency for anti-British ideology is being reprimanded by it’s even more anti-white regulating body. The joys of 21st Century Britain!

First off, the UK’s ethnic minority proportion is about 14%, and the BBC’s ethnic minority workforce proportion is at 12% (it’s a Guardian link, so engage adblock!). I’m a pedantic person – I believe in following instructions and rules to the letter. But when it comes to this, I have to say to the diversity lobby: let it go. It’s such a small difference, that anyone noticing it is being overly scrupulous, and those that actually think such a small difference matters are just deluded pedants.



The highest earners at the BBC have been under fire in recent months for the most heinous, despicable, and downright worst crime possible. Being white, straight, and male, while earning a high wage. Won’t someone think of the children, who care oh so very much about how their favourite presenters are being paid? When I was younger, I didn’t care. Even now, on the verge of adulthood, when I watch TV I want to be entertained, not made aware of some blatant misexplanation masquerading as fact. The thought of “how much is this woman being paid and is it the patriarchy’s fault?” doesn’t cross my mind. Do these people crying out that female/LGBT/black/disabled presenters are not paid as much as male, straight, white, and able-bodied presenters ever stop to think that, maybe, just maybe, the white, straight males may simply be in more demand due to their skill? No?



Now we get on to an interesting point. The BBC’s desire to have 8% of their workforce be Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgender. A desirable aim, surely? How can the BBC function without it’s token paedophi– I better stay quiet about that, or else my TV license will be revoked. Ignoring the BBC’s track record of hiring child molesters, we can easily decry this as pointless, and as a way of indirectly harming heterosexuals who wish for a career with the BBC. The LGB-identifying population of the UK sits at just under 2%. For the BBC to reach its set target, LGBT people would have to be over-represented by a factor of 4. I can name another group that’s over-represented even more so than LGBT folk but I won’t, because having the police smash down my door and arrest me for thought-crime isn’t something I’m keen on trying.

So the anti-white, anti-straight BBC is now being policed for not being anti-white or anti-straight enough. Isn’t modern Britain great?

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