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Anti-White Fever Grips English University

Kings College London, one of England’s most famous educational institutions, is to replace busts and portraits of the university’s founding fathers with ‘a wall of diversity’.

According to Professor Patrick Leman, the architect of this latest attempt to erase indigenous European history, having portraits of ‘bearded men from the 1920’s’ – and clearly “white” is the subtext here – is too ‘intimidating’ and environment for students from ethnic minority backgrounds.

Leman had previously held posts at Goldsmiths College London, before becoming a Dean of Education and interim Head of Kings College London, which is a specialist institute of psychiatry, psychology and neuroscience.

Unsurprisingly, Leman is a member of the Ethnic and Racial Committee.

Kings College London was founded in 1924 as an institute of psychiatry by Sir Frederick Mott and Sir Henry Maudsley. The university only exists thanks to a generous grant from Maudsley, yet still the university plans to wipe this from the history books.

This latest attempt at removing influential white people from the history books follows in a similarly ironic fashion to the attempts at removing the statue of Cecil Rhodes from Oxford University last year.

The vast majority of ethnic minority students are only at Oxford University thanks to the a scholarship scheme set up by the generosity of Cecil Rhodes himself, the Rhodes Scholarship.

Anti-White Fever Grips English University

One problem that Leman and his ilk have seemingly failed to address, is that they will have a very challenging time indeed searching for the renowned academics of the African world to hang on their walls, as that is mostly a chronic oxymoron.

It is certainly true that no other than a white European has ever founded an educational institute of such stature anywhere in England throughout the nation’s 1,000-year history.

But this will undoubtedly fail to deter the revisionist “ethnic advancement” brigade, who see the history of English and wider European peoples with nothing but contempt.

Perhaps when their walls are bare and their textbooks devoid of the remotest intellectual stimuli, will they finally realise that the white man is not so bad after all.


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