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Amsterdam Releases Gender-Neutral Instructions

Amsterdam Releases Gender-Neutral Instructions

The council of Amsterdam today has released a guide that advises their employees to use alternatives for greetings used in letters and e-mails sent to citizens of Amsterdam. Apparently “Dear Sir” or “Dear Madam” isn’t politically correct, hence their ‘friendly advise’ to change it up to make everyone feel welcome.

A spokesperson for the council said: “We want to make sure that Amsterdam becomes a city where even more people feel at home. More than they do already”. He went on to say that “this guide consists of tips and other advise for our council members to make sure that they talk and write about sexual- and gender identity in a respectful manner”. As a city and an employer we don’t want to exclude anyone.

The council employees are not obligated to use the “rainbow advise” given in the guide for letters, e-mails and speeches. “It’s not something we want to force on our employees, but more an alternative with greetings we prefer. It’s not that they are now suddenly forbidden to use ‘Dear Sir/Madam’ “.

Some alternatives named in the guide are: “Dear people”, “Dear attendees”, “Dear Amsterdammers” or “Dear resident of the Spaarndammer neighbourhood”.

Amsterdam follows the politically correct city of London. Not too long ago, the London subway replaced the text ‘ladies and gentlemen’ with: ‘hello everyone’. This was after they introduced gender neutral toilets only a few months prior to that.

You’d think that London (and Amsterdam too) have other things to worry about. Only about a week ago we released an article about a 19-yr-old girl slaughtered in an Islamic honour killing.

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