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Ongoing protest in Stockholm by Afghans

Ongoing protest in Stockholm by Afghan “unaccompanied minors”

A protest currently unfolding in central Stockholm highlights several concerning implications of the presence of Afghan “unaccompanied minors” in Sweden, that have flooded the country in recent years.

On Sunday the 6th of August 2017, around 100 Afghan asylum seekers initiated a sit-in on the Mynttorget public square in Stockholm, Sweden, a stone’s throw from the Royal Palace and, importantly, Parliament House, the seat of the Swedish Parliament. In an open letter to the Director General of the Swedish Migration Agency, Mikael Ribbenvik, protestors demanded the immediate halt of deportations to Afghanistan, arguing that deportations of “young people” to that country are “inhumane”. They pointed to the fact that the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs currently advises against all travel to the conflict-ridden nation.

The protest has been extensively covered by Swedish as well as international press. At the time of writing, the sit-in is entering its eighth day, with spokesperson Fatemah Khavari of Ung i Sverige (Young in Sweden) vowing that it will carry on until deportations are halted. Due to safety concerns, protestors have been moved to the nearby Medborgarplatsen square, following clashes with nationalists from Nordisk Ungdom (Nordic Youth).

The protest has highlighted several interesting aspects of the presence of Afghan “unaccompanied minors” in Sweden, of which 23,000 arrived in 2015 alone. Nationalists have been claiming for years that this whole issue is a case of the “Emperor’s new clothes”, suggesting that the bulk of the supposed “children” are in fact adult men. Their posing as minors has been called a gigantic fraud, on parity with the infamous “apathetic refugee children” controversy that entered into public debate in Sweden during 2005. A simple web search of ‘Sweden’s fastest 14-year-old’ (albeit an Iraqi immigrant) or ‘Ahmad Farid teddy bear’ will show some of the most eye-catching examples of this farce. Incredibly, age tests for this immigrant group were only introduced on a larger scale during early 2017. The initial results have shown the previously much-maligned nationalists to have been right all along; the Swedish National Board of Forensic Medicine revealed in May that fewer than one in four subjects could “possibly” be under the age of 18, with all other subjects thought to be adults.

Photos of the ongoing sit-in have done little to suggest that we should expect a dramatic change in the SNBFM’s findings as more tests are carried out. Swedish MSM, however, continue to treat their audience as imbeciles by referring to the men as “children” or “youth”, sometimes in immediate conjunction with photos that demonstrate the absurdity in this.

Predictably, the #vistårinteut (lit. “We cannot bear it”) network has come out supporting the sit-in, encouraging their followers to make their way to Medborgarplatsen to support the protest in person. A video that went viral in February this year shows screenshots from a closed Facebook group, depicting members of #vistårinteut, almost exclusively women aged 40 or above, posing for intimate photos with Afghan “minors”. Other screenshots show members writing about their “boys” in highly affectionate terms. This, along with another video that leaked in June, showing a female employee (although not known to be a member of the #vistårinteut network) at a hostel for unaccompanied minors performing a “lap dance” on one of the occupants, has led to suggestions that organisations of this kind have other motives than the mere well-being of the Afghan minors.

Also in relation to this, a harrowing, yet in this context fascinating, trial at the Västmanland district court is to reach its conclusion on the 21st of August, when a verdict is expected. Mohammad Rajabi, who came to Sweden from Afghanistan in 2015 posing as an unaccompanied minor, has admitted to murdering the elderly father of his then-girlfriend (who is around 20 years his senior), as well as attempting to murder her mother. Rajabi’s ex-girlfriend herself is on trial for inciting the murder. She is eligible for life imprisonment, but there has been confusion regarding Rajabi’s eligibility for the same sentence due controversy surrounding his age. Results from the SNBFM showed that he was “probably” above the age of 18, but could not determine whether or not he was 21 or older. In the Swedish justice system, life sentences are only applicable if the perpetrator was at least 21 years old when the crime was committed. On the 9th of August, it emerged that authorities in Iran, Rajabi’s country of birth, had confirmed his date of birth to be the 8th of January 1996, meaning he is not eligible for lifetime in prison.

Other “enrichment” deriving from Afghan asylum seekers includes what has been described as the most brutal rape in the history of the Swedish justice system, as well as regular occurrences of bacha bazi-inspired gang rapes on young boys.

Time will tell what the outcome of the current protest in Stockholm will be. On the 10th of August, traitorous politicians from four different parties joined forces with the protestors, demanding that deportations be halted. The day after, a popular Twitter account run by two policemen working in the field in the Södermalm area, where Medborgarplatsen is located, bluntly declared that the police do not carry out ID checks to see whether the protesters are legally allowed to be in Sweden, because “there seems to be no political will” for them to be doing this. They pointed to the fact that several elected politicians are actually on Medborgarplatsen supporting the protest in person. In an official statement released on the 11th of August, the Swedish Police claimed that carrying out ID checks would be futile at this point, given that “minors” can only be deported if the receiving country are able to accommodate them “in an orderly manner”, which the Police thinks is impossible considering the current situation in Afghanistan.

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