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90% of Immigrants in Austria on Social Welfare

welfare isn't a job

Austrian Minister for the Interior, Wolfgang Sobotka, is resisting EU pressure to take in more migrants, stating that 90% of them end up on social welfare thus overwhelming the system, writes Kronen Zeitung.


“If you look at the asylum seekers, you can see that 90 percent are migrating to the needs-oriented minimum security system.” Says Sobotka

“We had up to 15,000 refugees per day on some days, today it is an average of 30,” “It is important to keep the pressure on those who bring migrants illegally to Europe via the Mediterranean and in other ways.”

The Mediterranean route has been closed thanks to an agreement between Italy and Libya which DefendEurope has largely contributed to by bringing the human trafficking issue to the forefront of media and political attention. It’s possible to change things if we – the little people – make our concerns heard and work together.

At the same time there is still pressure form the EU political elite on many EU countries to accept the ludicrous policy of mass migration, which has been proven to be directly linked to an enormous rise in crime, sexual crime and even terrorism. This is what mass migration brings with it.

A question worth asking is why all these ‘engineers’, ‘doctors’, and other ‘specialists’ aren’t working? Nobody has an answer. Europeans have to work to feed and cloth immigrants who come for the welfare and for free housing, while the country’s own native population is neglected. But ,of course, the most important things to worry about are ‘diversity’, ‘equality’, ‘tolerance’ and ‘multiculturalism’ which are heading towards a mono culture, void of Europeans.



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