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Easter Weekend Update: 7,000 Illegal Invaders

On Easter Sunday, we reported on a developing story regarding the continued influx of African migrants. We brought you the news that 5,000 – not the 2,000 we previously thought on Saturday – illegal African invaders had been ferried to Europe by the Italian coastguard, along with multiple NGO vessels in assistance.

7,000 Illegal Invaders

Sadly, we must be the bearers of yet more bad news. The revised assessment of the weekend’s crossings now stands at 7,000 – yes, 7,000 – illegal invaders.

In an almost amusing case of the pot calling the kettle black, the EU’s migration agency have hit out at NGOs for ‘creating a pull factor’ by continuing their over zealous invasion facilitation. These NGOs, many financed by George Soros and fellow internationalists of his ilk, have been active in at least 36 ‘rescue’ missions over the Easter weekend.

This has created a situation whereby we have the largest scale invasion of this year to date.

Record-Breaking Weekend

The sheer scale of this event even provoked comment from further afield, with CNN reporting it has a ‘record-breaking weekend’ for migrants crossing from launch-pad-Libya. The American left-of-centre media outlet reported the following:

“On Sunday evening in Italy, the Italian Coast Guard estimated the number of those rescued since Friday was approaching 7,000, though that number will surely grow as a steady stream of rubber dinghies and rickety wooden fishing vessels were still being spotted off the coast of Libya.”

The British newspaper, The Daily Mail, also reported that 7 migrants had drowned as “6,000 migrants were rescued in a massive Italian coastguard operation” over the Easter weekend:

This is not a drill, folks. This is serious. Europe remains under attack from the shady internationalists and their migrant pawns.

Remember, that’s another €28,000 per migrant that the taxpayers of various European nations will have to fork out. One weekend’s arrivals has cost Europe €196,000,000, not to mention the cultural and demographic destruction that this continued invasion promises to inflict upon our dying continent.

The people funding this perverse social experiment are sick, sick people. They are the internationalists that every mother should warn their children about, the bloated bureaucrats and the liberal old men of the world who wish to turn a continent brown.

We say, enough! Stop the boats by whatever means necessary. The only migrant boats we want to see are those returning the invaders to Africa where they must stay.

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