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484 Illegal Immigrants Ferried To Europe

Illegal immigrants trying to break into Europe

The Italian Coastguard has reported that, in the early hours of Saturday 13th May, 484 migrants pretending to be refugees were “rescued” off the Libyan coast in four separate operations. In this particular operation, it was confirmed that at least one German NGO vessel was also present in the operation to bring these invaders to Europe.

As usual, the migrants were floating in wooden dinghies within 10 nautical miles of the Libyan coast, before sending a distress call to flag down the willing NGO and coastguard taxis.

This latest “rescue” further entrenches 2017’s status as a record year for migrants coming to Italy via the Mediterranean route. So far this year, 45,000 migrants have been ferried to Europe by an unholy alliance of Spanish and Italian coastguards, alongside NGOs and the criminal people traffickers.

Once again, government agencies of European nations are showing their willingness to be complicit in a literary of crimes, including people trafficking and illegal immigration. They have no inclination to uphold the laws of their respective nations, only to further their Marxist-inspired aims of total open borders.

What is more striking is that this latest invasion coincided with the night that former Rebel media journalist Lauren Southern was arrested alongside Generation Identity activists (see video below), who were out on the sea attempting to turn back the boats and uphold immigration law.

A paradox has been created, within which patriotic Europeans are arrested for upholding immigration law, whilst NGOs and the coastguard agencies are directly instructed to break immigration law.

Utter madness.

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