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42,974 Third-World Invaders To Europe In 2017

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According to the United Nations’ International Organisation for Migration (IOM), 42,974 third-world invaders pretending to be refugees have arrived in Europe by sea so far this year (as of 19th April).

The press release, which came after an Easter weekend of chaos that saw 8,000 migrants come to Europe, suggested that 85% of this year’s invaders landed in Italy. Their country of origin, as one might expect, is never a war-torn nation. Rather, the main countries of origin for this year’s arrivals are sub-Saharan African states, such as Nigeria, Guinea and the Ivory Coast.

Further afield, migrants are coming from the Indian sub-continent, notably Bangladesh but also Pakistan and Afghanistan. Syria, as a country of origin, is predictably not mentioned once in the IOM’s press release.

The arrivals in Italy so far this year (36,703) exceed by more than 10,000 the numbers seen arriving by sea in comparison with the same periods of 2015 and 2016. This proves that the EU-Turkey ‘migrant deal’ did nothing to stem the arrivals, but merely altered the route by which Europe is being invaded.

The report also stated that 962 migrants have died attempting to cross the Mediterranean so far this year, something which is always used to appeal to the compassionate nature of Europeans. The same people, of course, never mention the European women and girls who have been raped by migrants, or the Europeans killed by jihadists disguised as ‘refugees’.

These numbers corroborate the reports of last weekend, when here at Defend Europa we reported on the massive surge of Africans illegally coming to Europe. At numerous times across the Easter weekend, we had to update our figures as new information became available – it now transpires that more than 8,000 (potentially up to 10,000) third world immigrants succeeded in reaching Europe, thanks to the ferry service provided by the Italian coastguard.

Increasingly we are seeing coastguards of both Italy and Spain, as well as a variety of NGO vessels (some Soros-funded), engaging in faux rescue missions. Rather than ‘rescuing’ desperate refugees from the middle of the ocean, these vessels are picking up Africans as close as 5 nautical miles off the Libyan coast.

Should this irresponsible and frankly treacherous policy of free ferry service continue, we shall experience a summer of invasion like Europe has never before witnessed.


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