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Grenfell Tower Fire: Amnesty Madness Continues


The unlawful amnesty craze that appears to be gripping western nations has been further entrenched by the British government, who have given illegal immigrants caught up in the recent Grenfell Fire tragedy an extra three months to come forward.

The tower block in West London burned down in June of this year, causing the deaths of more than 80 people and injuring 70 more. Ironically, so many of the residents of the block were illegal immigrants that the authorities may never be able to confirm the official number of casualties.

Predictably, the eternally offended liberals and leftists have been using this tragedy to advance their societal perversions ever since it occurred, with many politicians and commentators holding this up as an example of the rough deal illegal immigrants and poor people (mostly minorities) have to endure.

What this actually is, is an example of the abject failings of the authorities to deal with immigration offences. Unfortunately, it seems a tragedy was needed to highlight this damning issue.

So many of the residents of the tower block were illegal immigrants that the government isn’t even sure how many people lived there. The block itself is fit for between 2-300 people, but it’s estimated more than 500 were permanent residents there.

Rather than recognise their errors, the authorities are bowing to pressure in granting an illegal amnesty for anybody who claims to be a victim of the Grenfell tragedy. It only takes a reasonable mind a moment to notice the obvious flaw in this plan.

Seemingly not content with their law-bending move, the government has now extended the amnesty claim period by a further three months in order to encourage witnesses of the fire to come forward.

This is absolute insanity, not to mention illegal. Any immigrant found to have no right to be in the United Kingdom should be removed by the authorities, forcibly if necessary.

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