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30,665 Illegal Invaders Year-To-Date

Illegal invaders on the way to Europe

According to a report published by the United Nations’ International Organisation for Migration (IOM), 30,665 illegal invaders landed in Europe between 1st January and the 5th April this year.

29,881 of these arrived by sea with the remaining 853 arriving by land, whilst 663 are reported as missing or dead in the Mediterranean Sea. The vast majority of the illegal invaders arrived in Italy, Greece or Bulgaria, with a handful also entering Hungary.

The IOM have also detailed the countries of origin for the invaders, sorted by the country in which they arrived:

To Italy: Ivory Coast, Guinea, Nigeria, Senegal, Gambia.

To Greece: Syria, Algeria, Republic of Congo, Iraq, Kuwait.

To Bulgaria: Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, Iraq.

Interestingly, 24,784 (80%) of these migrants arrived in Italy, meaning that at least 80% of all arrivals in 2017 are not even from Syria, which is the only genuinely war-torn country amongst the many source countries listed by the IOM. The vast majority of Syrians are either displaced within Syria and living safely under government-controlled territory, or have fled ISIS to camps in nearby countries where they are waiting until it is safe to return to their homeland.

This well and truly busts the myth that these illegal invaders are ‘refugees’, and further adds weight to the theory that this is part of the United Nations’ grand plan for replacement migration in European nations with supposedly dwindling fertility rates.

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