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2,400 Illegal Migrants Ferried to Europe


2,400 invaders “rescued” over the course of Friday and Saturday the Italian coastguard, with assistance from Spanish and Maltese NGO vessels,  from the Mediterranean Sea – a few miles off the Libyan coast – and brought them to Europe.

On Friday alone, 2,074 of these invaders were ferried across the sea in over 19 ‘rescue operations’ conducted throughout the day.

In actual fact, this was not a rescue operation as none of the 16 rubber dinghies or 3 wooden boats that the invaders were using were even damaged, let alone had capsized. The media would be more accurate in describing this as the continued free ferry service to Europe, provided by the Italian coastguard and their useful idiot accomplice NGOs.

The farcical nature of these ‘rescues’ was laid bare by the Spanish coastguard, who today reported that they had brought 125 migrants to Europe – 90% of today’s arrivals are young males of North African or sub-Saharan African origin, despite the fact that the lügenpresse will only show staged, regurgitated photos of dying children.

This is no doubt just the beginning of a long summer of invasive waves, with many migrants buoyed by the prospects of calmer seas and warmer weather. 32,000 have arrived in Europe already this year; most of these are ‘fleeing poverty’ in sub-Saharan Africa.

In our recent post entitled ‘30,665 Illegal’s Year To Date’, we reported that 80% of the arrivals so far this year come from the Ivory Coast, Guinea, Nigeria, Senegal and Gambia – none of which are countries currently at war or in a state of civil war.

The recent arrivals demonstrate that this is an invasion pattern that will be continued throughout this summer and beyond.

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