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300 Africans Storm Spanish Border

200 Africans Storm Spanish Border

In yet another display of just how poorly defended Europe’s external borders are, almost 200 illegal, sub-Saharan Africans have today breached the Spanish border.

The incursion happened at Spain’s African enclave of Cueta, a small piece of land administered by the Spanish government that lies at the northern tip of north-west Africa.

Despite claims by the Spanish authorities that this border is well protected, the border security agents yet again demonstrated their inability – or perhaps unwillingness – to adequately withstand this latest breach.

Migrants have in the past entered Europe via this route, but as many commentators have noted they usually climb the fences, as opposed to walking directly through the proverbial front door.

The fact that those with no right to be in Europe are now emboldened to openly disregard immigration law in broad daylight is another worrying sign.

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All those who succeeded in reaching Spanish territory will be settled in temporary processing centres, from which they will be ‘repatriated’ or let go. Of course, repatriated in this case does not mean back to their country of origin.

No. It can be said with some confidence that these migrants will either settle in Spain or make their way through Europe to England, Germany or Sweden.

Given the lackadaisical approach to border security that the Spanish authorities have displayed and exciting prospects of Northern European welfare states that lie in wait, the enthusiastic celebrations of the latest “New Europeans” are scarcely surprising.

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