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10,000 Illegal African Migrants Ferried To Europe In 4 Days

African Illegal Immigrants

10,000 Illegal African Migrants Ferried To Europe, G7 Leaders Have No Answers

The flow of illegal African immigration has accelerated this week, with over 10,000 migrants “rescued” off the coast of Libya in just four days.

Between Tuesday (23/5) and Friday (26/5) of last week, the Italian coastguard and their willing NGO accomplices took part in numerous missions to bring migrants to Europe, with 6,400 arriving in just 48 hours.

Ironically, G7 leaders were meeting in Sicily this week, in part to discuss the current inflow of illegal migrants from Africa. Of course, we know they have no intention or even desire to halt the flow, therefore it is unsurprising no progress was made.

The most notable information to come out of the conference was the fact that the Merkel regime has decreed that no migrants were to land on Sicily for the duration of the summit. As ever, our cowardly leaders seek to insulate themselves from the crimes committed at the borders against the peoples of Europe.

Aside from the 10,000 migrants brought to Europe illegally last week, 54 perished in the Mediterranean Sea as their boats capsized. 35 of these deaths (of which 10 were children) happened in a single incident on Wednesday, when their boat was struck by a freak wave during a rescue operation.

According to the United Nations International Organisation for Migration, over 50,000 illegal migrants had been brought to Europe before this last week’s rescue efforts, which brought the overall total who have reached Italy via Libya to more than 60,000 so far this year.

As we have seen from previous analysis of this migrant route, the vast majority of these migrants are not arriving from war zones. The most common countries of origin of these illegal migrants are Bangladesh, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Eritrea and other sub-Saharan African nations.

Our governments know this, which probably explains the United Nations’ alteration of the definition of a refugee, which now incorporates those “fleeing poverty”, as if this is a legitimate reason to commit the very serious offence of breaking immigration laws.

The people of Europe will again be left wondering why, against the vast tide of public opinion, these illegal African migrants are still being ferried by the thousand to their countries.

As long as the Merkel regime’s ‘open door’ policy remains in place, NGOs, coastguards and people traffickers will continue to aid and abet the illegal importation of sub-Saharan African migrants, whilst also being complicit in the deaths occurring as a result of the perilous journey that is now being encouraged.

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