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100 Million African ‘Refugees’ Heading To Europe

African Refugees Heading for Europe

Nowadays, we have come to rely on the Merkel regime to be the bearer of bad news, and yet again they do not disappoint. Germany’s Development Minister Gerd Müller of the ‘conservative’ CSU (Christian Social Union), has predicted that up to 100 million African ‘refugees’ could head north to Europe.

This striking claim was made in response to mass hysteria over so-called climate change. Apparently, one can now be a “climate refugee”, as well as an economic refugee and a refugee fleeing war – who knew?

According to Müller, if the world – and by world he means wealthy European nations – doesn’t meet the 2 degree target on global temperatures, then Africa will be uninhabitable to the extent that these poor souls will have ‘no option but to head north’.

The Development Minister’s suggestion to deal with such an issue is to of course meet the climate targets that will cost the hard working European taxpayer an absolute fortune, but also to invest in a Marshall Plan-style fund for Africa – as if European nations haven’t been giving hundreds of billions of Euros/Pounds to African nations every year for decades.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel met with African leaders Monday in Berlin to discuss future “reform partnerships.” The chancellor vowed to invest 300 million euros ($335 million) to help governments manage the refugee flows.

Of course, by “managing the flows” what they really mean in practise is to allow the ‘refugees’ into the Mediterranean in a more orderly fashion. These globalist tyrants have no desire to halt the flow of Africans in real terms, for they are all part of the plan for the 68’ers (that’s boomers, for Americans) plan to realise their obsessional desire; sustained GDP growth.

What better way to make your country’s economy look good on paper, than to bring in a mass unskilled workforce to drive down wages and make big corporations filthy rich?

This proclamation of 100 million African men marching to Europe is not with the desire to halt such an event. Rather, soundbites such as these are being used to prepare the European populations for what the globalist political class now see as inevitable, even desirable.

We must stop this madness. The buck stops with those who brought this upon us; our treacherous, globalist politicians. They are a cancer, eating away at our societies, spreading and growing and destroying everything we hold dear. They must be removed from power as soon as possible, for we will have little left to fight for, should they continue on their satanic path of destruction.


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