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Hypocrisy: Europe Ignores 2.6 Million European Refugees

There are 2.6 million refugees internally displaced in Ukraine because of the current civil war raging in its easternmost region, Donbas. I will present a shortened version of the conflict as this article is not about the conflict rather it is about the hypocritical response to the refugees.

Viktor Yanukovych who favored closer relations to Russia won Ukraine’s 2010 election over the more pro-EU Yulia Tymoshenko. The problem was that the country was very divided: The west was pro-EU and for Tymoshenko, whereas the east was pro-Russia and Yanukovych.

The reasons for this are many: historical, economic and linguistic ties of the east of Ukraine and Crimea – which has a large Russian minority.

political maps of Ukraine 2010 - Europe vs Russia - refugees incoming

In 2014 when Yanukovych refused to sign the negotiated Ukraine–European Union Association Agreement, which realigned Ukraine with the EU as opposed to Russia, the Ukrainian Parliament impeached him. They then signed the agreement.

This looked like a coup d’at to the people in the east. That is how war broke out, the conflict is happening in Donetsk and Luhansk.

Germany does not want Ukrainian refugees, they want Middle Easterners.

It is a sad phenomenon to observe, migrants from the third world, from alien cultures, with little to offer Europe, are preferred over actual Europeans from the east of the continent.

The damage being done to every country as a result of accepting so many refugees is painfully obvious. Sweden is breaking apart at the seams. Germany is becoming less German.

While European refugees are denied asylum in Germany. A measly 150 were granted asylum.

The message here is loud and clear: No Ukrainians, only third world refugees.

The hypocrisy here is obscene. Europeans who can easily integrate into Germany because of culture, religion, work expectation, and language, are discriminated against, while refugees who lack all of these things and are completely alien to Germany are given invited.

This hypocrisy is even worse when we consider that the war in Ukraine is happening because the conflict was (in part) caused by Germany and the EU’s machinations to steer Ukraine away from Russia. So there is more of a moral duty for Germany to Ukraine and not Syria.

On top of that, it would make more sense politically, if the EU wants Ukraine as a member state, then it would make sense to help Ukrainian refugees.

Why Germany and the EU didn’t help Ukrainian refugees

Bogdan Bezpalko, the deputy director of the Center for Ukrainian and Belarussian Studies at Moscow State University, has a few ideas.

“Europe needs Ukraine only for its resources and as a market – it needs a semi-colonial state and doesn’t care about the people who live there,” he said.

“It becomes clear when you see how Germans treat the refugees from Africa and the Middle East, even though there’s no civil war in some of those countries, unlike Ukraine. This is a fine example of how Europeans feel about Ukrainians; it shatters all illusions about Europeans treating Ukrainians as equals.”

The idea is that it is advantageous to the EU to keep Ukraine in turmoil economically for the cheap resources and politically to keep the Russians busy.

Another reason is that it isn’t politically correct to help white refugees, who have the white privilege of separatists and government forces blowing their houses apart.

This is telling of the sort of politics and double standards being practiced by the EU. They do care a lot about refugees, but only if they are not white. They are not multicultural enough, who cares about white refugees next door when you have brown ones thousands of kilometers away?





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