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Viktor Orbán Defends Hungary From EU Globalist Gangsters

Viktor Orbán today defended his nation proudly before the internationalist hyenas of the European parliament. As part of a wider EU debate on “the situation in Hungary”, Orbán had requested to speak to offer his government’s verdict on current events. The parliament had previously been content with trying the Hungarian government in absentia – as they, like any underhand group, do not wish to speak to a man’s face but only behind his back – but at the last minute accepted the Prime Minister’s request to make his case.

TRANSCRIPT: First Vice-president of the EU Commission, Frans Timmermans’ opening speech.

Following on from a speech attacking Hungary by the arch-Europhile himself Frans Timmermans, Mr Orbán defended his government and his country against numerous charges; that their treatment of refugees is unlawful; that they are supposedly plotting to ‘restrict civil society’; that they are turning their people against the European Union. Mr Orbán remained rational, respectful and dignified throughout, expressing his country’s commitment to Europe as well as his people’s daily espousal of European values.

TRANSCRIPT: Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s speech in defence of his country.

In looking at both speeches, some interesting points stand out.

The main objects of this debate on “the situation in Hungary”, as the sycophants at the European Union put it, are the issues surrounding a so-called breach of market competition rules pertaining to University funding, as well as wider legislation adopted by the Hungarian government relating to NGOs and their funding.

Mr Timmermans and his loyal dogs chose to attack Prime Minister Orbán’s government on the grounds of “restricting the freedom of students” by  “closing down” the Central European University, despite the fact the university has issued a statement explaining they will go on as usual in compliance with the new laws. In reality, the Hungarian government are standardising the law relating to foreign-funded universities as part of a crackdown on the subversive behaviour of NGOs (Non-governmental Organisations), many of which, including the university, are funded by Jewish financier and market speculator George Soros.

However, as the speech of Mr Timmermans unfolded, it became clear that this is about much more than students’ freedom of choice in regards to higher education.

Specifically, the point regarding market regulation was stressed numerous times by the Commission Vice-President, both in relation to the activity of NGOs, the legal restrictions on CEU, but also on various other domestic policies of the Hungarian government, most notably on energy pricing.

Of course, the EU object to the crackdown on the activities of Jewish financier George Soros. Soros has publicly stated his ambition to fund the relocation of a million third world migrants to Europe every year, a project that the European Union are fully on board with. It is also within the remit of Soros’ Open Society foundation to interfere in the democratic proceedings of nation states, as they seek to undermine national governments by mobilising protesters (often bussed in from afar) and fuelling civil unrest, as has been seen in Budapest recently in regards to the new CEU law – the EU wish to see the back of Viktor Orbán and his nationalist government as quickly as possible, so of course they will defend the man financing anti-government protests.

The individual points of the speech appear abstract in their references to technical points of market competition regulation, or invoking freedom of expression and civil society, but in actual fact this speech, when pieced together, presents a holistic picture of the 3-pronged globalist attack on Hungary.

This is an attack-style that has been used by globalists for as long as the notion of globalisation has been entertained. It is the process currently underway in much of the western world, whereby giant capitalistic organisations monopolise the industry of a nation, immigrants are imported to create a labour surplus, ensuring that said capitalists have a cheap workforce to employ, and finally the NGOs and the universities are employed to convince the people of the nation in question that this disgraceful subversion is acceptable.

This is where the issue of energy and market competition becomes relevant. The Hungarian government have defied EU market law, which effectively prevents governments from bringing industry into public ownership. The US state department issued the following information regarding the energy market in Hungary:

Since mid-2012, a number of GOH (Government of Hungary) measures have made it more difficult for foreign-owned energy companies to operate in the Hungarian market.  The GOH has publicly stated its interest in nationalizing some private energy firms.  In 2013, the GOH purchased E.ON’s wholesale and gas storage divisions and RWE’s retail gas company, Fogaz.  In 2014 and 2015, the GOH acquired other energy companies.  The last foreign-owned gas retail company, Italian ENI’s Tigaz, announced in June 2015 that would exit the market.  By the end of 2016, state-owned Fogaz will be the only remaining retail gas utility provider in Hungary.  Press reported that the GOH intends to take over the electricity and the heating retail markets as well.

This process of nationalisation has removed power from the aggressive capitalists who seek to monopolise the internal markets of the nation state. The energy companies are just one branch of the globalist power that is international finance, but depriving them of their embarrassingly high profits is a crime in the minds of those lawmakers in Brussels who only have the interests of their paymasters in mind.

Hungary is going against the global consensus. Her people pay €4.2 per 100kWh for gas and €13.3 per kWh (per household) in electricity, the lowest prices in all of Europe. Contrast this with the United Kingdom, where the ‘big 6’ private energy monopoly make £100 profit per household.

Furthermore, the Hungarian government has stated its plans to eradicate unemployment in the country and has made great strides to doing so through various public ‘workfare’ programs. This, coupled with the refusal to take in surplus labour disguised as refugees, deprives the giant corporations of the necessary equations (supply of workers greater than the demand of employers, ie surplus labour) to depress worker’s wages.

(Please see our recent article; “Immigration as a Weapon of International Finance).

Finally, to defeat this disgusting plot once and for all, the ruling Fidesz Party has moved to curb the influence of Soros-funded NGOs and institutions that seek to undermine the intellectual/political sphere of life in Hungary, thus removing their ability to brainwash the Hungarian people as they have done to the peoples of the west.

The real objection of the global establishment has no basis in the notions of freedom of expression or civil society. The truth is that Hungary is a model for how to start throwing off the shackles of international finance and they are afraid that if they are allowed to proceed, the rest of the west will begin to realise that it is the right way forward.

They cannot let this happen.

The European Union are in full attack mode with Hungary in their sights. Soros-funded NGOs have already began to plant the seeds of a manufactured revolution, with their fake protesters and rent-a-mob antifa-type agitators. Watch as international finance colludes with the politicians of the west to bring down the Hungarian dream. They will break Hungary as they have broken many nations in the past.

Viktor Orbán is a brave man and an honourable leader for his defiance in the face of the globalist menace. As he stood before the European Parliament, you could almost feel the disdain radiating from the establishment benches who simply cannot accept a man who puts his own people first. What will unfold only time will tell, but expect to see more manufactured protest, more agitation and strong underhand tactics employed by the European Union against the Hungarian nation.




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