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Ungrateful Citizens: The Death of Our Culture

The erosion of our Western values, society and culture.

Ahhhh…Mother Europa. Isn’t she wonderful? She has nurtured us and those before us in her vast, culture-rich and beautiful lands, stained with the blood of our ancestors who have spent generations building her up to what she is today.

But why do foreigners come to settle or visit one of Europe’s unique countries? Perhaps they simply find enjoyment and a sense of inner peace in our breathtaking mountains or our pleasant pastures.



Maybe it’s because they love our architecture – be it traditional, quaint and powerful with its very own story to tell, or a sharp, engineered monolith of glass and steel piercing the clouds.

Whether it’s our uniquely European culture and history or the diverse cuisine, Europe has things that everyone can enjoy. But why are an increasing number of people – whether they’re immigrants, natives or even our politicians – hellbent on destroying what made our homelands the great places they are today?

Not much time goes by, especially as of recent, without instances of our fellow people or immigrants disrespecting the country and its inhabitants, a vast portion of whom begrudgingly held their tongue when they came over to start with.

Sharia courts being set up in the United Kingdom, Angela Merkel snatching her own country’s flag from a fellow party member, 4 million signatures on a petition directly to the UK Government to undermine the democratic will of its citizens.

There’s a common theme here of shunning identity, culture, tradition and values. These people don’t hesitate to snap at those who are proud to be European as “Nazis”, “xenophobes” and “bigots” but then calling those who are proud to be any other ethnicity as being “empowered”, “brave” and “strong”, without realising the double-standard they have formed.

They believe that we should erode our own culture away so we can shoehorn others in, without realising it should be the other way around. They do not see anything wrong with people coming to the country, bringing all of their incompatible cultural baggage with them and forming their own isolated enclaves; not being a part of the society yet reaping the benefits of living in it.

The left, combined with greedy migrants and inefficient governments, use our own systems as excuses for letting non-natives have rule of the roost and form the narrative. Things like “free speech” are now reinterpreted to mean things such as “Muslims can take to the streets and freely call for your beheading under their religion, but you can’t criticise that do you not wish to face legal consequences”.

Immigrants are handed more power than the indigenous population who are more entitled to be in the country in the first place. It truly is a sombre feeling when you look at streets that once used to be tranquil and traditional, with a special sense of identity, now supplanted by mosques complete with adhan prayer calls being blasted out of PA systems and few white faces in sight?

There is something deeply wrong when you cannot feel at home in the very country that you have lived in your entire life and your ancestors have lived in for thousands of years.

There is an increasing percentage of Muslims that arrive upon our shores and then complain to us that we have to change for them. For example, an opinion poll conducted in Britain only in December last year (2016) revealed that, out of the 3000 Muslims polled, only 23% opposed Sharia Law being implemented in Britain in any way, shape or form.

The systems, values and liberties put in place by those before us are now being used against us to undermine everything that made our slice of Earth a great place to come to. Entire countries are being squashed under the heel of subjugation to the point where having pride in your nation or even flying its flag is considered a radical and racist action and is said to have no place.

No matter how you go about it, ethnicity and nationality are at the very epicentre of everyone’s being, whether they accept it or not. So why then is it not okay for us as Europeans to accept that reality, whilst those who come to our own lands are not only allowed but strongly encouraged?

Many in Europe do not truly realise the hypocrisy in allowing everyone but ourselves to feel joy about the culture that we have created; the countries that our forerunners built upon the framework of centuries of struggle, innovation and conflict, spearheaded by the most intelligent and industrious minds of the West. At this point, diversity seems to be a synonym for “less European”.

The left are trying to cause the structural collapse of Europe by gradually chipping away at its foundations and filling the void with a malignant foreign culture.

Culture and traditional values are like muscles; you either exercise them and they remain significant and strong, or you fail to care for them and let them wither away. There is no in-between.



The bottom line is this: our ancestors were European, we are European and our children will be European. We want our future generations and the legacy we leave for them to ensure they have a better life than we did, but right now it’s partially like we’re stepping back in time. Technological innovation and quality of healthcare are at the highest they have ever been, yet societal degradation, moral and cultural degeneracy and racial tensions have risen with it.

More people need to accept this reality and take it upon themselves to do their part in undoing the near-irreversible damage that they have stood idly by and watched before it’s too late.

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