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Trump Tweets Anti-Islam Video From UK Nationalist Group

President Trump Tweets Anti-Islam Video

Early in the morning, Washington DC time, US President Donald J Trump retweeted three videos shared by Jayda Fransen, a British nationalist. These videos depict a Muslim destroying a statue of the Virgin Mary, an Islamist horde pushing a teenage boy to his death, and a Muslim boy attacking an already-injured Dutch boy. It’s absolutely disgusting and horrific footage, and we encourage viewer discretion.

When the US President retweeted the disturbing footage, the media hordes and leftists descended him him and Ms Fransen, decrying them as racists, neo-nazis, and Islamophobes. It is interesting to note that the people who are up in arms at President Trump’s sharing of the footage are blatantly ignoring the videos themselves – which show innocent people suffering at the hands of Islam. Some noteworthy tweets are shown below.


Leftists make bad points

Leftists make bad points
Notice how all of these people aren’t focusing on the fact that the videos show horrific Islamic atrocities?

The video of the Muslim pushing over the young Dutch lad (while he’s on crutches, no less!) is especially poignant for us Europeans. We see and hear about incidents like this, and much much worse, on a regular basis. This shows the disrespect they have for white Europeans, and that they are completely devoid of morals. They attacked a boy on crutches, how could he defend himself? We at Defend Europa hope that this will raise awareness of the plight that is being forced upon us by corrupt globalist leaders, and ensure that public opinion shifts towards a more nationalist and pragmatic outlook on the issues we are having with Muslims not integrating into our society.

It’s good to see that the most powerful man in the world knows the truth about Islam.


PS: Notice how the Muslim kid beating up the Dutch boy struggled to beat him up, even though he’s on crutches? Not only are they immoral cretins, they also can’t fight!

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