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Terror laws in Sweden to get tougher (to go after Nationalists instead of real terrorists)

terror merchant Morgan Johansson

The traitorous Swedish government is to launch an investigation into introducing a new terror law similar to one in Norway which would make participating in a terrorist organization a criminal offence.

In Sweden, people who travel to another country (to commit terror) seeking training from a terrorist organization or in order to commit a terrorist act can be punished, as can those who finance a terrorist organization, but it is not illegal to simply be a part of such an organization.

Now, Supreme Court judge Stefan Johansson has been asked by the Swedish government to run an investigation into changing the laws in the area. He is due to finish the investigation by December 15th, which would give enough time for a change to take place before the end of the current government’s mandate period in mid 2018.

The attack in Stockholm has brought the issue to the fore, but previous inquiries into terror laws in Sweden have pointed out that there could be gaps in the current legislation. In the past, banning being a part of a terror organization has been flagged up as potentially clashing with Sweden’s freedom of association laws, but Justice Minister Morgan Johansson does not believe that is the case.

Defend Europa Commentary: Again the liars speak out of both sides of their mouth, just last week chocolate face Swedish Minister for Culture and Democracy Alice Bah Kuhnke said returning ISIS fighters should be welcomed back and helped integrate into society. This is an amazing idea Alice, why don’t we get these returning Jihadis who hate us so much apprenticeships for logistics companies in Sweden where they can not only integrate back into society but learn how to drive big trucks. Jip, this is the retarded logic we have to deal with, all the while we have a cucked Löfven scratching his fat head wondering where it all went wrong. On the one hand they want to crack down on terrorism and on the other they want to welcome them back with open arms.

You might want to screen shot this or archive it, because what I am going to say next is definitely going to happen. The Swedish government will review its terrorism laws, they will rework and reword them in the broadest possible sense so as to crack down on any dissenting voices. These new terrors laws will not be there to stop jihadi’s from terror attacks, laws have never done that. These laws will be put in place to stop organisations like Nordfront and other dissenting voices. Just like the UK government went after National Action, they could not infiltrate them or force them into acts of terror, so all they did was broaden the laws with regards terrorism and shut them down this way. Again, this tactic will be rolled out all over Europe under the guise of protection, but the only people it  protects are the traitorous politicians from nationalists who want to stop the globalist scum from destroying their country.

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