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Prepare Yourself: Tips for Nationalist Self-Improvement

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail - Benjamin Franklin

Isn’t it wonderful to contribute to a movement or cause that is much larger than yourself? The sense of pride you experience knowing that you’re important in one way or another and you are working towards the greater good, whatever that may be.

You are reading this article because the greater good you wish to work towards is a safer, happier Europe – more connected to its roots, traditions and past, but looking keenly towards the future.  To fight for the future you want – that we all want – you need to take action. If you believe in something strongly enough, you will take all steps necessary to achieve it.



At Defend Europa we all strive for greatness and we believe that you should too; not only to prepare yourself for any hard times ahead but to also benefit your life as a whole.

Here are some tips on how to bring yourself maximum glory:

1| Physical Fitness

This is important for two main reasons; you will need to be strong to be prepared for whatever situation arises in the future, but also it is important to be as fit and as healthy as you can be. Your body is capable of great things and neglecting it out of laziness is essentially a cardinal sin and a great disservice to yourself. In the words of Socrates – “It is a disgrace to grow old through sheer carelessness before seeing what manner of man you may become by developing your bodily strength and beauty to their highest limit.”

Eat as healthy as you can (of course, it is acceptable to treat yourself now and again), hit the gym whenever possible and push yourself as far as you can – it is a hard thing to start but if you keep going you will begin to see the results and it will make you want to carry on.

A master of this is Marcus Follin aka. The Golden One, a Swedish nationalist pagan who portrays himself as a demi-god role model and bestows his knowledge upon us so we can also follow the path of the Glorious Pill.

Image result for the golden one

2| Self-Discipline

What is a man (or a woman) without a sense of discipline? It is important to discipline yourself as it is the keystone of all nationalist activities. You can do this through various methods, such as joining a club – be it martial arts or hunting – or taking the initiative to discipline yourself.

The first step of self-discipline is keeping up a high standard of personal hygiene and keeping your bedroom, work area and house tidy as Jordan Peterson explains. After this you’ll feel more motivated to do other things to match the same high standard in your life and your productivity will increase, as well as your self-discipline for maintaining this standard.

3| Reading

As well as being physically strong, being mentally strong is just as important. Try and make it your goal each day to read at least one news article each day, such as one here on Defend Europa, and 10 pages of a book. Make it an enjoyable habit and reward yourself for it – try reading every time you drink a coffee or another relaxing drink until your body begins to associate the two actions with each other and rewards it.

One of the most nationalist things you can do is learn about your country’s history, as well as your local area’s history. Head down to a local library, heritage association or museum and you will be surprised what material you will be able to find there!

4| Disconnecting

What I mean by this is by taking some time out of your day where you’re away from your home, computer and other things that you are used to. Bringing your phone or another media device to listen to music on is fine, but try to avoid messaging anyone. Go to somewhere outdoors that is nice and scenic where you can reflect on life and get away from all the daily hassle. Just hop in your car or start walking and see where your feet take you.

Trying to make yourself less reliant on things other than yourself is a great trait to have and by doing this, you are gradually teaching yourself to be self-reliant as well as experiencing your homelands for what they are rather than involving any other complications.

5| Embrace & Take Part in Local Traditions/Festivities

Enriching your life by taking part in local and traditional events is an excellent activity to take part in and will make you feel very proud of your area for one reason or another. Be it a beer festival, a shooting event or a tea party – just supporting your local businesses and areas (unless they’re commie scum) is one of the most nationalist things you can do.

Image result for uk outdoor beer festival

6| Stay True to Yourself

Start a routine and stick to it. Remember – not only are you failing yourself if you do not aspire for greatness, you are also failing your folk and your family.
We are all in this together and need to pull our own weight. That isn’t to say you can’t treat yourself from time to time, but reject gluttony and degeneracy and try to live the cleanest lifestyle you can.

Make yourself a timetable or a weekly itinerary of tasks and chores you have to accomplish and if you haven’t completed them all by the end of the weekend you have failed yourself. This will help motivate you and keep you on the right path.

All this been said – your room needs tidying. Tweet me when you’ve done it.

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