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Orbán Names Soros In Brilliant Nationalist Speech!

Orbán in Southern Romania

In 1990 Europe Was Our Future. Now We Are Europe’s Future! – Viktor Orbán

In his latest explosive speech, this time in southern Romania, Viktor Orbán managed yet again to perfectly capture the mood of ordinary Europeans. In an event to mark the 28th annual open university event at Tusnádfűrdő – which is hosted by Fidesz – the charasmatic Hungarian Prime Minister spoke for almost an hour to an enthusiastically supportive young audience.

The topics ranged from demographics to immigration to economic growth, but all were beautifully wrapped inside a warm blanket of positive nationalism.

With wit and intelligence that we have come to expect from the Hungarian premier, Viktor Orbán highlighted how his brand of politics has brought his country back from the edge of the abyss to the safe and prosperous position she now finds herself.

He praised his party’s work in getting the people back to work, with his government able to boast a massive 25% increase in employment since 2010, as well as pointed out the amount of money (1,000 billion ft) the state has had to spend in buying back vital industry from vulture capitalist, multinational asset strippers.

These economic achievements of course cannot be overstated, particularly in the energy sector where the Hungarian people enjoy the cheapest energy prices in all of Europe courtesy of the state-owned sector.

Rightly singling out the IMF (International Monetary Fund) for special attention, the leader of Hungary explained how foreign capital leads to financial dependency and thus, economic blackmail. He stressed the importance of his party’s work in regaining vital sectors such as banking and the media from the hands of such internationalists.

Orbán went on to be more explicit than ever before concerning the demographic crisis the European continent finds itself in today. As an example, he linked the issue of migration and demographic crisis to ask the question, in 2050 “will Hungary still be the country of Hungarians? Will Germany still be the country of Germans?”

It is worth labouring this point and, more specifically, how the Hungarian PM believes we should address this crisis. He stated that even in Hungary, the fertility rate is not at the recommended replacement level (2.1). Rightly, he identified the anti-family stance of his leftist predecessors as the culprits of this problem, stating that his party seek to create a “family-friendly environment”.

“A government can only do one thing: try to create a family-friendly environment. We do not usually talk in this context about an important fact — as I will do it now — but the occasion calls for it. Many have probably noticed, that in Hungary, with the goal of a strong country, we spend a lot of money to support families.”

What a breath of fresh air it is to hear a political leader speak up unashamedly in support of a healthy, fertile family.

At this point, the speech had everything required to make it truly historic, but the hard truths did not stop there…

In a fantastically frank assessment of the Brussels elite, Orbán reeled off the opinion polls conducted across the continent which demonstrate that he is the most in tune with popular thought. He had countless statistics to hand, demonstrating how nation after nation are utterly dismayed with the EU’s handling of the recent ‘migrant crisis’.

He went on to explain how only Hungary was serious about protecting the external borders of Europe, and how the Brussels elite demonstrates such disdain and a lack of gratitude for their efforts.

On the topic of immigration, Orbán singled out Jewish billionaire George Soros as a source of evil personified with his ambition for “a mixed, Islamised Europe”. The Soros empire holds great power in Brussels, more so than in Washington or Tel Aviv, he stated, alluding to the fact that Soros’ Open Society mafia is able to bend the ear of almost any leading European politician.

“There is a Soros plan. It has four points. He himself wrote it down. The Soros Empire published it, and began recruitment to accomplish this plan. The plan is as follows: first, every single year, thousands of migrants must be imported – at least one million every year — migrants from the Muslim world, into the territory of the European Union. The second point is that every one of them must receive, when they arrive 4.5 million forints, [€15,000 ~ $17,000]; the originator of the idea would happily have loaned that — but that is secondary from this point of view, however worth studying — but this business profit does not give the essence of the idea, but rather the fact that this can maintain the continuous inflow!

So those who want to bring in YEARLY at least one million migrants they must continue that “suction”, as it called in EU lingo, which would maintain their desire to come. And if they distribute them while they get a larger amount than an [average] Hungarian income, — for a year — then obviously resupply will never be a problem.

The third point of the Soros plan is that the arrived migrants must be distributed in all European countries in the frame of a mandatory and permanent mechanism. And the fourth: they must set up a European Immigration Agency which must usurp all necessary authority from the member states and bring it to the level of Brussels. That is the Soros plan!”

Viktor Orbán.

EU Commissioner Frans Timmermans was also singled out, labelled as the “EU Chief Inquisitor” by the Hungarian Prime Minister. He was of course alluding to Timmermans’ recent attacks on the Polish state, as well as his other subversive efforts to penalise Hungary for refusing to roll over and accept ‘diversity’.

It is worth noting here also that Viktor Orbán reiterated his support for the Polish government in the face of EU threats. He proclaimed that Brussels will never be allowed victory over Poland, for the Hungarian state will do everything in its power through legal means to assist the Poles.

There is simply too much brilliant material to comment on in one article, but amongst other topics discussed by Prime Minister Orban were Trump’s historic visit to Warsaw, the strengthening of the Visegrad 4, the arrogance of western politicans who “turn against their people” and the fact that a majority of Europeans want more powers returned to nation states.

In essence, this 50-minute piece of oratory was everything that any nationalist – no, any European with a sense of dignity – is desperate to hear. It was pro-family, pro-nationalism, advocating of the cultures and continued survival of the peoples of Europe and everything that goes along with that.

Nationalists will quote from this speech for years to come, but perhaps the most pertinent of all is the Hungarian premier’s suggestion for the survival of Europe:

For that, to Europe to able to live — and Europeans to still have Europe — the European Union must first regain its sovereignty against the Soros Empire. Until this happens, there is no chance of keeping Europe for the Europeans.

Credits: Gates of Vienna, for providing a transcript for the speech.





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