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“Nazi” Controversy In The Bundeswehr!

Bundeswehr soldiers under the spotlight for nationalist sympathies.

A second arrest has been made in an ongoing investigation into a plot by members of the Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces) to assassinate German officials and blame it on refugees.

According to German news network Deutsche Welle and Der Spiegel, high-ranking lieutenant Franco Albrecht of the German army has been arrested as part of the plot. This is the third arrest of the same investigation and the second from the military.

Reuters news agency reports that “Germans are shocked by the soldier’s double life” as a “Nazi sympathiser”, with the Defence Ministry reportedly having kittens over the possibility that a Syrian refugee’s fingerprints would have been found in the event that the attack had come to fruition.

False Flag?

Interestingly, German intelligence knew nothing of the plot until a convenient tip-off by Austrian authorities, whilst the military knew nothing of the soldier’s “extremist tendencies” until it being brought to their attention by the French armed forces.

Is this a genuine plot by fanatical Bundeswehr nationalists, or another false flag designed at keeping the German’s quiet about their current demographic replacement?

In any event, this all comes at the end of a week in which the Bundeswehr has been in the spotlight, as some of its members seem to have had the audacity to espouse a feeling other than psychotic condemnation for German history. According to Sky News, “Nazi-era memorabilia” has been discovered at a barracks in South-West Germany, and all Bundeswehr barracks are now to be searched for similar items.

RT has also taken up this story in some detail, reporting that military awards, propaganda posters and Wehrmacht helmets were discovered at the barracks of the Franco-German brigade’s 292nd infantry battalion, stationed in the town of Donaueschingen.

‘Bundeswehr’s Inclination To The Wehrmacht’s Legacy’

Memorabilia from the National Socialist era was also found at the Leclerc barracks of Lieutenant Albrecht, including posters depicting Wehrmacht soldiers in battle, along with replica machine guns and pistols.

The finds come as part of a wider Defence Ministry investigation into the ‘Bundeswehr’s inclination to the Wehrmacht’s legacy”, whatever that’s supposed to mean.

On Thursday, in typically Bundesrepublik apologetic style, German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen denounced the military’s tendency to produce men who view their own history positively, saying that National Socialist armed forces are “in no way a source of tradition” for the contemporary Bundeswehr.

No doubt we shall hear more on all of these stories in the coming days and weeks, as the Germans have it further entrenched in their minds that any form of patriotism, or simply wanting your ethnic group to survive, is absolutely criminal.

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