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Catalan Leader Puigdemont Allegedly Tried to Arm the Catalan Police

Catalan leader Puigdemont

The Spanish newspaper ABC has recently revealed a shocking fact, the Catalan leader Puigdemont tried to obtain weapons in order to arm the Mossos d’Esquadra, the Catalan police force.

This allegedly happened in 2016 when the Catalan government sent a request for the purchase of military tier weapons which was instantly stopped by the Spanish Defense Minister, who clearly saw the request as excessive and above everything irrational. Before 2016 the Catalan government never made requests of this kind, not even remotely close.

The weapons allegedly requested by Puigdemont were not basic things like handguns or SMGs but military tier gear, which of course sparked puzzlement in the Spanish government. Furthermore, the Catalan government also requested a great amount of ammunition for the various types of guns they wanted to obtain, one more action that made the Spanish government suspicious and wary of Catalan intentions.

The guns requested are the following: 300 9x19mm rifles, 50 Whisper sniper rifles, 50 MAG sniper rifles .388, 400 HK G36 assault rifles (the same types utilized by the army) and other 7.62x51mm rifles.

These actions already confirmed what the Catalan government was planning, an insurrection, a revolution and a violent one. The Spanish government contacted Puigdemont and his entourage for some kind of explanation but the Catalans never responded.

In the recent months, Puigdemont has been quite clear with his message that Catalonia might need an army to free itself from Spain and apparently the Mossos would have been the soldiers leading the Catalan armed forces.

In the “Ley de ruptura”, in case of the victory of the “yes” in the referendum and after the declaration of Independence, the Spanish army should be expelled. It is not clearly specified how but the Spanish authorities would be forced out in a hypothetical Independence situation.

Separatists in 2017 who think that the Spanish armed forces would just leave the second Independence is declared are very naive, Puigdemont isn’t and was probably trying to plan a way to stop Spanish special forces from seizing important strategical points like airports and naval ports.

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