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Marine Le Pen Addresses 10,000 People At Final Rally

Earlier today, Front National presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen made her final election pitch to a massive crowd of 10,000 supporters at an event in Marseille.

Focusing on the key messages that have resonated with the French people thus far, Le Pen spoke on a number of issues including mass migration and globalism. She slammed what she called the acceleration of immigration from third world countries, and said her first act of her presidency would be to reinstate the French borders.

France Is Not For Sale!

On globalisation, Marine Le Pen referred to the fact that elitist establishment politicians had sold out their country to the international clique. She was firm in her response to the treachery of said careerists, saying “I am the only candidate who has a chance to overthrow the political class, to dismiss the oligarchy, is the one I incarnate.

“France is not for sale, the French are not for sale! How many times do I need to repeat myself!?”

“I Will Be The President Who Protects!”

Furthermore, Ms. Le Pen spoke about the type of country she wants the French people to have the opportunity to live in.

She said, “I will be the president that protects, the president who wants to continue living in France like the French. I want to protect the people of which I am a part, the people who have seen me grow and see my children grow up.”

In the same context, Le Pen referred to multiculturalism as a ‘multi-problematic society’, in reference to the state of certain parts of France thanks to the mass immigration of alien cultures. This has, in the view of her supporters, changed France away from the peaceful, free society that it once was.

Clear Provocation…

Her detractors on the other hand viewed the entire rally as a ‘provocation’, due to the fact Marseilles is a city with a large immigrant population. The leftists campaigning against her very appearance in the city managed to delay her appearance with their antics, but the red terror is failing in its quest to stop the march of the Front National.

The rally comes just two days after an islamist plot to murder right-wing presidential opponent Francois Fillon was foiled by the French authorities.

Security has been increased around all the candidates for this election, but many forget that Marine Le Pen is the greatest target. Her hard-line stance against Islamic terror has undoubtedly made her a target for terror groups, whilst she is also having to contend with militant leftists using violence to disrupt and disturb her every campaign event.

“To Victory!”

However, such disruptions do not deter leaders with the determination and strength of Marine Le Pen!

Despite the enemy press and the militant communist actions, Marine Le Pen and the Front National expect nothing short of victory in the upcoming election. In a rallying cry to supporters, Ms. Le Pen shouted a call becoming familiar at her many rallies; “Vive la France! Vive la Provence! Vive la victoire!”

Also speaking at this evening’s event; Front National politicians Stephane Ravier and Marion Maréchal-Le Pen.


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