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Le Pen Corsica Rally Descends Into Violence

FN rally in Corsica ends in violence

On Saturday 8th April a Front National event in Corsica descended into chaos as protesters stormed the venue at which presidential front-runner Marine Le Pen was due to speak.

Corsican nationalist group Ghjuventù Indipendentista (GI) were behind the violence, saying that they would “never let the Front National come to their country safely – something that sounds like a deliberate threat of violence towards the Front National.

The GI activists instigated the violence as they fought with Le Pen’s security team, but that doesn’t stop the mainstream media from blaming French nationalists once again for violent incidents that are not their fault.

This incident is the latest in a long series of drama’s during this presidential campaign, in which Marine Le Pen is likely to win the first round. Emmanuel Macron is still on course to beat her in the second round, but as these instances of violence and chaos around France continue, voters will increasingly look to a strong figure like Le Pen to restore order to their streets.

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