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Latest Paleoanthropological Find in England Destroys ‘Out of Africa’ Theory

Out of Africa Theory

Here at Defend Europa, our campaign against the pseudoscience of the so-called ‘Out of Africa’ Theory (herein referred to as OOA) has become something of a mini-series. Back in May of this year, I published an article based upon the findings of scientists and, specifically, paleoanthropologists in Bulgaria who discovered the fossilised teeth of a creature known as Graecopithecus freybergi, an ape-like mammal with human features and almost certainly one of the missing links between Homonids and modern man. This discovery, dated at around 7.2 million years old, demonstrated that the process of human evolution was more advanced in Europe at that time than it was in Africa, by over a million years.

I then wrote a further piece in October detailing the findings of researchers in Eppelsheim, Germany, who discovered fossilised teeth in sediments taken from the Proto-Rhine bed that belong to the Hominin family. These particular specimens are dated at 10 million years old, which of course made them the oldest of their kind by a large stretch. Dr. Herbert Lutz of the Mainz Natural History Museum, one of the researchers on this project, explained at the time that this discover made a plural origin theory more plausible than OOA. In simple terms, this means that humans evolved in a similar manner in separate parts of the world and at different times, as opposed to the single-origin theory which supposes that all human evolution is derived from the evolutionary process that “began” in Africa.

As the title of this piece suggests – and as if the paleoanthropological findings of this year aren’t enough on their own – yet more evidence has been found in Europe that serves to further prove the OOA theory as the myth that it is. This time, scientists in England have discovered fossilised teeth in the county of Dorset, which they’ve claimed are 145 million years old. Furthermore, the experts believe that modern European man can trace its ancestry directly back to the owners of these ancient dentures, making this the oldest fossil with direct links to human evolution ever found.

The University of Portsmouth’s Dr Steve Sweetman said his “jaw dropped” in amazement when he was shown the fossils by an undergraduate, which is unsurprising given the magnitude of such a find. He went on to say, “The teeth are of a type so highly evolved that I realised straight away I was looking at remains of Early Cretaceous mammals that more closely resembled those that lived during the latest Cretaceous, some 60 million years later in geological history.”

It’s believed that the owners of these teeth are the ancestors of most mammals in Europe today, which does somewhat diminish the gravity of the news when one realises this is not an evolutionary line exclusive to human beings. However, it does demonstrate that the evolutionary process that led to the establishment of the Hominid group and, subsequently, to modern man, began organically in Europe. It lends further weight to the research published by the Bulgarian and German scientists in May and October respectively, essentially providing their theories with greater solidity and foundation in the timeline of life on this earth.

Through science we are continuously breaking the dogmas that plague our society. Once upon a time, scientists were cast out as heretics for questioning the previously accepted creationist theory of the Church, just as today it is considered heresy by the dysgenicist class to question their sacred OOA theory. Yet modern science is breaking this dogma too, proving the notion that all humans originated in Africa to be infinitely more fanciful than even the book of Genesis. Just how long they can keep society in collective delusion, however, is another matter entirely.

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