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Hungary’s Orbán Must Stand Strong Against EU Migrant Pressure


We are entering a very precarious moment of European politics. Both the European Union elites and the Eastern European nations, led by Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán, have nailed their colours to the mast on the topic of migrant quotas. The only question now is; who blinks first?

It has been well publicised that the “Visegrad 4” as they are known, the group that consists of Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia, have been strongly opposed to EU-imposed migrant quotas.

Whilst Slovakia seems to have avoided the attentions of the EU elite, the remaining three Visegrad nations are facing legal action for their refusal to become ‘diverse’.

Viktor Orbán, the Hungarian Prime Minister, is the de facto leader of this bloc, having been the most vocal opponent of forced multiculturalism. He has often been singled out by the EU elite for his adamant refusal to allow third world migrants to settle in Hungary, as well as for his governments practical actions to prevent such things, such as the building of razor-wire fences along their external borders.

It will be interesting to see what Viktor Orbán does next. The case against the Eastern nations will doubtlessly result in financial penalties, and ex-EU chief Martin Schulz, who is in the running to become the next German Chancellor, has promised that Hungary will have her EU subsidies cut should they continue to refuse migrants.

Hungary is one of the largest benificiaries of EU funding, receiving almost €4bn net per year, which equates to over €400 per person. Should these subsidies be drastically reduced or cut altogether, Hungary and Viktor Orbán will be faced with tough questions.

The Hungarian leader has already stated that the only reason he doesn’t take his nation out of the European Union altogether is due to the economic hardship that would cause.

The EU elite are well aware of this fact, therefore they are also aware that they hold the power to blackmail member states such as Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic who are all net beneficiaries of the European Union budget.

In effect, they will threaten Mr Orbán and, if he fails to respond in a manner of their preference, they will then begin to cut the funding altogether.

This is akin to a regime change effort. Being the seasoned career politicians that they are, the EU elite know that the public become dissatisfied with a government once they start to notice less money in their pockets, therefore they are aware of their ability to cause social unrest in nations who’s budgets they essentially control.

We must then come back to the question; who will blink first?

Will Viktor Orbán capitulate in order to keep on the right side of public opinion?

One hopes not. It is essential that Viktor Orbán remains in power at any cost, for he is the only nationalist voice speaking out for the native peoples of Europe. He is the only leader who’s opinion holds any traction on this side of the immigration debate.

We must hope that the Hungarian PM can stand strong in the face of threats, and prepares the necessary domestic policies to guard against any punitive measures undertaken against his government and people by the European Elite.

These are indeed trying times, but as long as there are still voices on the stage to speak out against this ethnic replacement of Europeans, there is still hope for the future.

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