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Identity Evropa Drops 200 Foot Banner in Atlanta

Identity Europa drops 200 feet banner in Atlanta

On Tuesday, December 5, Identity Evropa activists acted for the first time since the recent change of leadership, dropping a massive banner at Georgia Tech in Atlanta. Measuring almost 200 feet (61 m), the banner highlights 2 of the main goals of the Identitarian movement: putting America first and ending immigration.

The reception of the public was very positive and actions like this one are a breath of fresh air in the American political scene. Essential and clear messages: America First and ending immigration, 2 things which were core to Trump’s presidential campaign and the main reasons why the American middle class, composed mostly of whites, voted him. Trump has yet to deliver.

Identity Evropa is the first identitarian movement in the United States, it was founded in 2016 by Nathan Damigo, after Charlottesville the leadership was passed onto Eli Mosley and just recently onto the new leader: Patrick Casey, who was also one of the activists behind the banner action in Atlanta.

Nathan Damigo and IE Members
Nathan Damigo and IE Members

“We are a generation of awakened Europeans who have discovered that we are part of the great peoples, history, and civilization that flowed from the European continent. We reject the idea that our identities are mere abstractions to be deconstructed. We oppose those who would defame our history and rich cultural heritage. In a time when every other people are asserting their identity, without action, we will have no chance to resist our dispossession.”
Identity Evropa’s website introduction.

The organization released a statement following their action in Atlanta:

“For far too long American institutions have been used to benefit the interests of a globalist elite, rather than our people. Over the past decades, this elite has relentlessly pushed for open borders and mass immigration. This endeavor is nothing more than an attempt to import a new people, who are seen as more politically malleable than Americans – particularly those of European descent.

Identity Evropa stands opposed to all immigration – legal or illegal – that will alter America’s historic demographics. As such, we are calling on President Trump and Congress to put America first and end immigration.

Today, the people of Atlanta will go to the polls to vote in the mayoral runoff. Where will Atlanta’s next mayor stand on these issues?”

Patrick Casey, current IE leader, during the Atlanta action
Patrick Casey, current IE leader, during the Atlanta action

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