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Identitarian Activists Erect Monument to the Victims of Multiculturalism and Islamic Terrorism at the Brandenburg Gate

This morning the German identitarian activists, part of “Identitären Bewegung” (the German branch of Generation Identity), erected a memorial monument to the victims of Islamic terror attacks right in front of the Brandenburg Gate. The monument was composed of 5 “Merkel-Legos” concrete barriers covered with the names of the cities which suffered Islamic terror attacks in the recent years and homages to the dead; a way to remember them and not to forget them.

The monument was later surrounded by pictures of some of the victims covered in flowers. Some hours later, the police arrived on the scene and proceeded to remove the barriers dismantling the monument. This is a strong message towards the people of Germany and Europe; a reminder that we should not forget what multiculturalism and Islamic terrorism have done to us, our people and our countries.

The memorial surrounded by pictures of the fallen covered in flowers
The memorial surrounded by pictures of the fallen victims covered in flowers.

It is not just a message but a reminder to our political class, especially to the German Chancellor Angela Merkel who keeps promising security and prosperity for Europe while pushing for the open borders madness. The European Union is crumbling on its own lies and betrayals while the political class refuses to listen to the will of the people, branding any WrongThink as ignorant populism, as if populism was actually a bad thing.

Populism is a concept that has been transformed in some kind of offensive and negative term but its real meaning is very simple: ideas and actions wanted by the people, the population, the arms, legs, and body of the state. Wonder why populism is now an evil thing? Because the modern left, the progressive left, the caviar left, or whatever you want to call them, gave up on their old ideas about doing what’s good for the people. The modern left distanced itself from the population by its own will because it deems the people too stupid to know what they really want and therefore if the people want something it has to be probably dangerous and should be avoided because it would be a threat to the elites.

Young German identitarians decided to fight against the elites and erected the first European memorial to the fallen of the ongoing war with Islamic terrorism. They chose to be populist, they chose to serve the people, their people, and their interests.

Here is the translation of a part of Generation Identity’s statement on occasion of the Brandenburg Gate action:

For us, no sacrifice is forgotten. We give the victims a name, a voice and tell their stories. If politicians can only carry out a half-hearted and inadequate remembrance of its own fellow Germans and European victims, then we will become active and build our own monuments. Symbolically for the monument, the so-called “Merkel-Legos” were selected, which stand this year exemplary for the abandoned promise of security made by politicians to the population. Politicians and authorities use a security placebo and continue to refuse a concrete policy of safe borders and remigration. The stones on the Christmas markets symbolise the shame of multiculturalism. With our action, we have once again emphasised the whole thing and documented the political failure directly at the Brandenburg Gate in a visible way for all to see.”

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