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Hungary: Huge Cross Erected In Front of a Lidl Supermarket “Against Those Who Censor the Crucifix”

Hungary: huge cross erected in front of a Lidl Supermarket “against who censors the crucifix”

The German company Lidl was recently accused of censoring pictures containing crosses used to promote products and shops. The company apparently airbrushed crosses on some greek products in order to be “religiously neutral” as they stated. Some Hungarian activists decided to protest the company’s stance by erecting a massive cross in front of one of their supermarkets.

Everything started with the “greek yogurt scandal” but Lidl did not stop there with the attacks on Christian identity. Lidl decided to erase crosses from pictures taken in Liguria (Italy) that were to be used for promotion, crosses that were later reintroduced after public outrage.

European Christian identity is under attack every day; people asking to remove crosses from public places, people attacking Christmas and even the Red Cross deciding to remove crucifixes from their buildings/tents for “religious neutrality”. At the same time, the current Pope is doing his best to destroy what is left of the Roman Catholic church while the various Protestant churches advocate for more immigration kneeling down to modern internationalist liberalism.

Every single thing that is part of our unique European identity is under attack by internationalists madmen who only seek to erase what makes us special, unique, what makes us Europeans!

We live in the age of individualism, the age where materialism and selfishness are promoted and where any kind of collectivism is demonised. It Is our duty to defend what is ours and our people. Take matters into your hands, defend your identity, people, and land. European people went through countless crisis and challenges in the last 2000 years and we overcame them all. We will rise again.

The Hungarian activists who erected the massive 3 meters high stone cross in front of one Lidl Supermarket, they decided to fight back and call out the anti-christian attacks, corporations and multinationals have no power on us if we refuse to abide by their rules and listen to their nonsense.

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