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Identity and Heritage: 5 Twitter Accounts That Will Make You Proud to be European


In an age of flooding third-world migrants, European population replacement and SJW hysteria, it often feels natural for us to focus our attention on the bad. Bad news sells, and people like to read it. Not only does it confirm our perceptions of the very real issues that are happening across Europe, but it allows us to create a dialogue with the people we engage with and essentially ‘wake them up’.

It’s certainly important for us to be transparent about any ‘bad news’ that we face. After all, the first step towards combating an issue is to be completely honest about it. Despite this, however, it can sometimes weigh us down. Amongst all the doom and gloom it can sometimes be difficult for us to remember what we’re actually fighting to preserve, and this, in fact, is the very reason why I decided to write this article.

Below, I have selected for you five Twitter accounts that highlight the magical beauty of our continent and our people. Focusing on landscape, architecture, philosophy, history, traditionalism, and of course, native Europeans; they remind us of, not only what our ancestors fought to establish, but also what we have at stake to lose.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.



1. European Beauty (@magicaleurope)

European Beauty is an account which is dedicated to “Celebrating the traditions, folklore, & natural wonders of Europe.” The account follows a simple structure of sharing stunning imagery of luscious European landscape, traditional architecture and native dress; each image presented with a description and, if there’s enough room, additional trivia.

If (like me) you live in a modern city, you’ll love the humbleness of this account. From quaint country villages to French Gothic architecture, there’s a constant feed of gorgeous imagery that will beautify your Twitter feed and remind you of both the natural and man-made allurement of Europe and the beauty of European people.



2. ArchitecturalRevival‏ (@Arch_Revival_)

ArchitecturalRevival aims to inspire their followers to “Create places our ancestors would recognise and our descendants will be proud of.” and to “Stand for Beauty, Tradition, Heritage, Order and Craft.” This is a major red pill Twitter account which provides photographic comparisons between traditional architecture, and it’s more bland, modern counterpart. This account mainly specialises in building exteriors, but those tweets are broken up with photos of extraordinary interiors, sculpture and artwork.

One thing that ArchitecturalRevival does really well is alert their followers to, not only the ugliness, but the foolishness of modern architecture and art too. When you’re presented with what looks like a bucket of spilled paint on a canvas, and this is then compared to the intricate detail of a Bernini sculpture, it’s near impossible to not think that modern art is nothing more than a practical joke that got out of hand.

When I say that this account is a red pill, I mean that it will wake you up to the devastation that modernity is having on the West. Be prepared to see the sadness of our ancestor’s glorious traditional architecture being torn down, only to be replaced with boring, characterless buildings that could belong to any city.


3. Wrath Of Gnon (@wrathofgnon)

Wrath Of Gnon is a self-proclaimed “traditionalist” that focuses predominantly on historical philosophy and literature. From Aristotle to Evola, Shakespeare to G. K. Chesterton; out of all my favourite writers, I don’t believe there’s a single one that hasn’t been tweeted by Wrath Of Gnon at some point.

What is specifically enjoyable about this account is the combination of both quick-fire quotes pasted across beautiful imagery, but also the full pages of books that they post too. If you read something and you enjoy it, you’re then able to make a note of the title and author and then you can look at adding that book to your collection.

Wrath of Gnon also have a Tumblr account that you may wish to check out.


4. TodayInWhiteHistory (@White_History)

If you suffer from ‘white guilt’ then this account probably isn’t for you; however if you’re interested in celebrating the achievements of the White, European man, then this account provides regular “On this day…” updates of some of our greatest historical achievements.

Achievements range from science, to inventions, to architecture, to artwork, to travel, to philosophy, plus much more. In fact, being alerted to our achievements on a daily basis really does highlight to you the tremendously successful impact that us Europeans have had on the world.

In a world where we’re brainwashed into self-hate and our achievements are rewritten right in front of our eyes, TodayInWhiteHistory battles this, and instead works at reminding people of the feats that European man has executed over the years.



5. Classic Revival (@neoclassicstone)

I’ve saved this account until last because it encompasses a bit of everything. With a bio of “Ours is the age of rediscovery”, Classic Revival shares everything that I’ve mentioned above, all under one account.

This account is a little more lighthearted than the others and it often shares humorous taglines alongside splendid images of European artwork, buildings and countryside. There isn’t really much to add other than, if you enjoy high quality images of everything traditional and European, then you’ll definitely enjoy Classic Revival.



That brings me to the end of my list. Please feel free to comment below with any recommendations of pro-European Twitter accounts or tweet me at the account above.

If you don’t already follow us on Twitter, check us out at @DefendEvropa for more pro-European history, news and opinion.

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