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Antifa terrorists allegedly torch car of Generation Identity Leader Martin Sellner

Communist terrorists burn Generation Identity Leader Martin Sellner’s car

Just two days ago Martin Sellner’s car, the leader of the Austrian branch of Generation Identity, was allegedly torched by an Antifa group while Sellner was abroad visiting his girlfriend, Brittany Pettibone. This is not the first time Sellner is targeted by violent leftist extremists, his house is surrounded by graffitis threatening his life and his family and in 2016 the car owned by Sellner’s parents was torched by leftist thugs.

2017 has been a very important year for Martin Sellner, Generation Identity and the whole identitarian scene. Sellner was one of the members of the crew leading the Defend Europe mission, in which the Identitarian activists patrolled the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and exposed the shady activities of the infamous NGOs and their illegal contacts with smugglers. Defend Europe was a great success which brought a lot of attention to the NGO problem which was later partially solved after the Italian government started prosecuting the many NGOs guilty of breaking laws and bad conduct causing the majority of them to cease their missions in Italian waters.

The identitarian ship patrolling international waters
The identitarian ship patrolling international waters

Obviously the greater the success the greater the number of haters and enemies, but according to Sellner’s own words in his latest video, these violent acts won’t scare him nor change his mind but actually strengthen his resolve. In the video Sellner also reminds people not to be afraid to do activism, to keep fighting always with a smile.

A very good advice, especially considering that in the last two years Antifa groups, anarcho/communist terrorist organizations, have been attacking right-wingers all around the globe trying to shut down free speech and branding anyone who’s against the great replacement of the European people as a Fascist. Well, it’s not working and it is clear and obvious that these people are scared and for this reason, they resort to violence but it will not work. The will of the European people is too strong.

Sellner’s statement on Facebook

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