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Germany: Spurred by ex-Social Democrat minister, Antifa vandalise Identitarian building

Far-left extremists on Tuesday night attacked an Identitarian social project building in Halle, Germany.

The attackers are said to have thrown around 100 stones at the building, which is used by the city’s Identitarian group for local events. Having drilled their way through the front door, the subhuman perpetrators then sprayed butyric acid inside the building, this being the acid that gives human vomit its distinct smell.

The patriotic non-governmental organisation Ein Prozent, which also uses the building as an office, in a post on their website linked the attack to a recent open letter condemning the social project that the building was used for. One of the initiators of the letter was Norbert Bischoff, former Social Democratic (SPD) Minister of Labour and Social Affairs.

Ein Prozent referred to the attack as “red terror” and pointed out that the establishment actively supports the far-lest behind the scenes, while being forced to reject them in public. The NGO highlighted reports from last year that the government of Halle was planning to use taxpayer money to renovate a building that houses squatting members of the Antifa.

This was not the first time that the building had been attacked, not even the first time this year. Meanwhile, members of Ein Prozent are frequently subjected to violence and threats of violence from the extreme left.

Following this summer’s far-left riots in Hamburg, along with the collateral damage caused by attacks such as the one in Halle (including damages to three cars parked on the same street as the Identitarian building, cars that seemingly belonged to residents living in the area), let us hope that there will a major public backlash against the extreme left, and that the masses will become increasingly sympathetic to the sort of nationalist movements affected by the attack this week, movements that offer Europeans a better future and who do not use senseless violence as their modus operandi.

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