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German Police Raid: Establishment Hysteria Over Nationalists With Guns

German special forces carried out a raid on several addresses in Germany on Friday morning, seizing weapons and ammo from a group that they’ve labelled as a “right wing terror group”. The only problem is, the owners (who had been hunting in a remote German forest) were licensed to carry the weapons and hadn’t actually done anything wrong.

The mobile phones and computers of the men were also seized. German police say they will be exploring them in the search of “right wing propaganda material” which they hope will lead to convictions.

The raids were part of an investigation into 13 individuals who are suspected of being members of German nationalist group: Europäische Aktion (European Action). According to Katharina König-Preuss of Die Linke (a German, left-wing populist party), Europäische Aktion are a “melting pot of Holocaust deniers and neo-Nazis”. Let’s not forget though, under today’s pro-tolerance, pro-globalist narrative, anyone who wants to control immigration is a far-right, fascist extremist.

Europäische Aktion, who were founded in 2010 and describe themselves as being “anti-political correctness”, declare the following ideology:

  1. Restore free speech
  2. Withdrawal of all foreign troops
  3. Repatriation of foreign European immigrants
  4. State self-determination for the Germans
  5. Creation of a European Confederation
  6. Transfer of money and media into national ownership
  7. Reconstruction of tradition – struggle of decadence and natural destruction

What’s that? Free speech, no more wars and the restoration of tradition? What terrifying stuff!

Examples like the above raid are not unique in current times. It’s becoming quite the custom now for police across Europe to focus their attention on the right. If only German police would take Europäische Aktion’s anti-PC stance and dedicate their time towards fighting the massive surge in honour killings, knife crimes and migrant rape that the country has seen in recent years.


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