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BBC Promote ‘Gender Free’ Show For Children

gender neutral

The BBC is promoting the idea that gender is neutral. The idea that boys can be girls and vice versa if they choose so. That there is no difference between the genders. They are telling this to children. This is borderline abusive.

A class of primary school kids, aged between 7 and 8, went ‘gender neutral’ for a period of time to see if the BBC could “even out the gaps in their achievement”. The idea was that if the differences between boys and girls were removed, their achievement levels would even out.

‘Stereotypical’ boys-only football matches and books about princesses and fairy tales were replaced with mixed sports teams, unisex books and posters that invert traditional thoughts with ‘boys are sensitive’ and ‘girls are strong’.


The class teacher, Andrew Graham, was also forbidden from using affectionate names such as: ‘sweet pea’ and ‘love’ for the girls and ‘mate’ and fella’ for the boys. This was done in an attempt to make the children feel more equal. Doctor Abdelmoneim and his team initially discovered that the girls have much lower self-esteem than the boys and are inclined to underestimate their abilities, whereas the boys are more likely to over-estimate their ability to achieve, but struggle to express any range of emotions apart from anger.



The doctor went so far as to remove books in the children’s library with traditional male and female characters. Star Wars books were removed and replaced with new stories where the princess saves the prince and slays the monster.

This was not even the worst of it.


When doctor Javid Abdelmoneim announced ‘You’ve got to start going to the same toilet’ he was met with a unified ‘No!’ from the pupils, but the programme-makers carried on with the experiment anyway.

The doctor admitted: ‘The children didn’t like the toilet’, saying the girls were particularly uncomfortable with the arrangement. He continued: ‘The girls were like, “Oh the boys come out with their bits dangling out and they don’t wash their hands.”’

There is a reason why there are separate toilets, boys and girls are different. Gender is not neutral. To suggest to a 7-year-old child that he or she might not essentially be a boy or girl can be profoundly harmful to them.



Education experts have voiced fears that the experiment could cause the children involved psychological distress and harm.

Chris McGovern, chairman of the Campaign for Real Education, stated: “There may be a case for legal action against the school and the BBC if any child has suffered psychological harm or distress, either in the short term or the long term.”

“The BBC seems unable to separate fantasy from reality. The fantasy world created at Lanesend Primary School might be permissible in science fiction drama such as Doctor Who, but it can run close to child abuse when translated into real life.”

Children are confused enough as it is. They are discovering the world and themselves. Telling them that there are no differences between the genders and that they are equal in every way imaginable is going to cause them serious difficulty later on in life. Especially during puberty when the differences between them become apparent. How will they feel then if they grow up with the idea of gender neutrality?

The two-part BBC2 documentary No More Boys and Girls: Can Our Kids Go Gender Free? will air on August 16.







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