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Overwhelming Evidence Of Foul Play In French Presidential Election

It has become a common theme of elections in Europe over the last few months and years to see highly irregular activities at the ballot box, particularly when it appears that an “outsider” – a nationalist or a radical leftist – stands a good chance of victory. Austria’s presidential election second round was annulled last spring, after the losing Freedom Party (FPOe) reported irregularities at no less than 90 counting centres around the country. 30,000 votes had been prematurely cancelled, 50,000 voters were counted by unauthorised personnel, and an unusually large 11% of ballots were invalid.

The re-run was, of course, delayed past the original date in October. The motivations for such a postponement were typically transparent, as there had been a large number of immigrant-related criminal actions reported in the media in Austria and neighbouring Germany over the summer, and the Austrian Interior Ministry clearly wanted to allow voters to forget such events before they took to the polls. The result was as expected; the globalist mass-migration candidate defeated nationalist Norbert Hofer and again, a “resounding endorsement for liberal, European values” was proclaimed.

This time, it was France’s turn to receive the pseudo-democracy treatment.

In the second round of the presidential election on Sunday 7th May, globalist Emmanuel Macron defeated nationalist Marine Le Pen by a resounding 66.1%-33.9%, which in raw voter numbers equates to 20.7 million votes to 10.6 million votes. Again, a resounding victory for the liberal world order was proclaimed, with the European establishment viewing this result as a mandate for furthering their integrationist super-state project, liberalising immigration laws and opening up the French market to predatory, globalist corporations.

“Millions” of Le Pen ballots destroyed…

There were, however, many anomalies in this election. First and foremost, it was discovered that “millions” of Le Pen ballots were “destroyed at the time of mailing” and therefore rendered invalid. In France, if a ballot paper is torn or defaced in any way, it cannot be counted as a legal vote. Only Le Pen voters reported such issues with their papers – not a single Macron ballot was reported to have been torn upon arrival. The nature of the tears suggest this was a deliberate and systematic attempt to ensure that few Le Pen votes than were cast would actually be counted.

Spoilt ballots from the French Presidential Election

What’s more is the remarkable number of abstentions and spoilt ballot papers counted within the official figures.

According to results published by the French Interior Ministry, the number of abstentions (those who didn’t vote at all) stood at a 50-year record high of 25%, as far as presidential elections go. More interestingly is the record high “spoilt” ballot papers (votes cast that did not count), of 12.3% – four-times the previous record.

Millions of Le Pen ballots were destroyed prior to mailing during this presidential campaign

This poses serious questions around the nature of Macron’s victory. Whilst it would be false to suggest that Marine Le Pen could have won without these irregularities (spoilt ballots would not have given her more than 46% of the vote), it is highly plausible that the extent of Macron’s mandate has been illegally inflated in order for the European elite to be able to convey a certain message to voters.

A “Democratic Mandate” For Eurocrats?

The motivations for “massaging” the presidential election results to give the impression of a more handsome win for Emmanuel Macron are two-fold. Firstly, after the “rise in populism” of recent years, and after the European elite were dealt a huge blow to their agenda by the Brexit vote last June, it was important that they had an election in one of the more powerful European countries that endorsed their project and gave them a “democratic mandate”. A narrow 52-48 or 54-46 margin would not have been the ringing endorsement of “European values” that they so desperately needed, therefore they had every motivation to ensure that the result was a little more convincing.

Presidential election victor Macron truly is a puppet of the EU elite
Macron is a puppet of the EU elite, Juncker, Merkel and co.

Another interesting dynamic of this event is the demoralising effect it has had on the “far-right” nationalist movement in France and, perhaps even in the rest of Europe as a whole. This of course could be another strong motivational factor for the EU elite to ensure, not just that “their” candidate Macron won convincingly, but that the nationalist Le Pen was defeated convincingly. As we know, politics is often a game of momentum and the “snowball effect”, and the Front National has been increasing its share of the popular vote at every presidential election since 1972. This momentum, along with the momentum of the European nationalist movements more holistically, is something that the EU elite see as a phenomenon that must be stopped in its tracks.

What better way to do this than to ensure the election in which the nationalist candidate had the greatest chance of winning, was also the election in which the nationalist candidate was served the heaviest defeat? We have already seen the fallout of this demoralisation effect come to fruition, with the Front National reportedly tearing itself apart over internal feuds of both policy and personality. The “rising star” of the Front National, Le Pen’s niece Marion, has already announced her withdrawal from politics, marking a big blow to the French nationalist movement.

Unfortunately, when one analyses the evidence and the clear motives for this apparent case of electoral fraud, the case for wrongdoing is thoroughly more convincing than for the opposite. If this is true – and obviously, we will never be granted an admission from the powers that be – then the nationalist movements of Europe face an even tougher challenge than we ever previously believed. That is not to say, however, that we should shy away from the courage of our convictions. No, now is a time to stand by those convictions with greater vigour and stamina than ever before.

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