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FrameGame: Part 1, Market Power and #HateSpeechMissionCreep

@FrameGames discusses Censorship, getting organized, alt-right market power, and #HateSpeechMissionCreep.

The author is a young self-proclaimed “American First Jew”, and a lawyer from New York.  He has recently published several very popular threads on Twitter which are replicated here for readability.  It will also protect them in the face of censorship (or the “Bonfire” as @FrameGames would call it).  Common Topics of discussion from @FrameGames include: Elites, the diversity industry, the media, and the power of language.  Tweets have been replicated directly, and as such may not necessarily reflect the view of or even @FrameGames himself.

This tweet storm was written on 2nd August 2017, and helpful published into a twitter moment.

Market power and #hatespeechmissioncreep thread
Market power and #hatespeechmissioncreep thread
  1. Big day guys. First, watch this. Mouthy Buddha, former enemy of AltRight, has come around. [Editor note:  This video appears to have been deleted]

  2. Yesterday, YouTube announced the ADL will now be in charge of flagging videos. That’s right – the ADL, which labeled Pepe a hate symbol.

  3. Trump is strong, but globalists, Deep State, SJWs & cucks have teamed up to stifle his agenda. They are seeking pretty for impeachment.

  4. Google/Facebook/globalist control of the Internet is THE biggest threat in the world. The Internet is the soil where the AltRight grew.

  5. Before the Internet, the only permitted world of ideas was MSM. It was CNN or nothing. Now, globalists can make the whole Internet CNN.

  6. THIS IS A POWER STRUGGLE. They plan to kill our voice by de-platforming us for EVERYWHERE. There is only one option now:

  7. We must ORGANIZE. Like Alinsky in the 60s. We must meet in each other’s houses. In bars. In basements. Plot. Scheme. Campaign. COMMUNITY

  8. Recognize that the WHOLE battle starts & ends at the fight to speak freely & not be no-platformed or fired for it. Redpills would abound

  9. We have to treat the struggle for AltRight speech equality on major networks/platforms like Blacks did the 1960s civil rights movements.

  10. To do that, we must FOCUS FIRE in TARGETED CAMPAIGNS. That means being ORGANIZED. That means when you tweet, tweet TOWARDS A CAMPAIGN.

  11. DO NOT shout angrily into the abyss. Rather, find or create a COMMUNITY & have everyone in the community act as one. SHOW MARKET POWER.

    The blackpill

  12. Shouting angrily into the abyss will just BLACKPILL you. It will make you disenchanted with life. You’ll lose friends, job, even spouse

  13. Instead, everything you do should PILE PRESSURE ONTO an ongoing campaign. Ask yourself: “Does this tweet apply pressure? To who?”

  14. Every month, we should have crosshairs on a corporation that is converged with SJW madness & attack it just like civil rights activism.

  15. Only one target at a time. All fire focused on it. Until it bends. Pick the target. Freeze it. Personalize it. Polarize it.

  16. Like it or not, that means FULL DECENTRALIZATION OF THE ALTRIGHT/ALTLIGHT will not work at scale. And we are running out of time.

  17. Globalists/SJWs will soon label AltRight/AltLight TERRORISM (it’s already “Extremism”). We must show MARKET POWER before that happens.

  18. MARKET POWER means multinational corporations FEAR BACKLASH from the AltRight/AltLight in their corporate boardrooms.

  19. So the most important priority right now is to MAXIMIZE ALTRIGHT/ALTLIGHT MARKET POWER. Act as one huge block economically in boycotts.

  20. #BlackOutCNN got the President to delegitimize them. #BoycottKelloggs was a huge success. We need these campaigns EVERY WEEK.

  21. When enough corporate boardrooms are shook, word will spread down to operations departments that it is BAD BUSINESS to cuck out or SJW.

  22. As @MouthyBuddha suggested, Trump DOES listen (see, e.g. him retweeting random guy last month & later posting a CNN Reddit meme).

  23. So we need a campaign that combats the perpetually expanding definition of “hate speech” that WE ALL amplify til the whole web sees it.


  24. I propose #HateSpeechMissionCreep. The reason is normies can digest it. It has alliteration. It’s edgy without being offensive.

  25. #HateSpeechMissionCreep is a message that still implies “hate speech is bad” but centers discussion on the laws being too broad.

  26. Even normies who don’t agree will internalize the jingle of #HateSpeechMissionCreep & will later see kernels of truth everywhere.

  27. If this thread is not convincing to you yet, look up “LIMITED STATE” and “YOUTUBE” for yourself. #HateSpeechMissionCreep

  28. Calls like these to ditch all things labeled Whiteness will increasingly exponentially with ethnic White demographic decline.

    "my fellow white person"

  29. Even me, raised as a Jew, I’m fully convinced the pattern of Jews penning “my fellow White people” articles is overwhelmingly accurate.   [Editor note:  The account referred to appears to have been suspended by twitter]

  30. The path forward is in a systematic defanging or coopting of the words “racism”, “antisemitism” & the parade of isms & commas.

  31. So our tactics must be centered on getting corporations/multinationals to fear White backlash over anti-White racism.

  32. As with the 1960s civil rights mvmt, ours MUST offer corporations/multinationals a CARROT along with the STICK. REWARD the good ones.

  33. Basic facts, like above-saturation diversity levels being associated w low social trust (http://is/cw8AA) must reach the young.


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