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Beware Of Faux Nationalism: Alternative Für Deutschland


After Britain’s vote to leave the European Union back in June 2016, and Donald Trump’s victory in November, one could be forgiven for believing that the winds of change had firmly taken hold across the western world. So-called alternative far-right parties appeared to be on the march across Europe, with Norbert Hofer coming within a few percentage points of the Austrian Presidency during the winter, and the great advances made by Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom in the Netherlands last month.

However, the old phrase that “when something is too good to be true, it probably isn’t” could never be emphasised more clearly.

Particularly in Europe, the political and media establishment are keen to give the illusion that they’re somehow retreating with their tales between their collective legs or that they’ve been taken by surprise by the latest upset at the ballot box. But the reality here is that the people are being offered a pressure valve for their justifiable anger at the establishment, a ‘release of white anger’ if you will – however you wish to describe it, the point is the same: we are only being offered the illusion of change!

This ‘change’ is often dressed up in what some may call a ‘kosher nationalism’, with the same familiar traits all across Europe; anti-Islam, libertarian, free marketeers who sometimes moan about immigration figures too. The AfD party in Germany is a prime, contemporary example of such a party, who model themselves as a sort of pseudo-conservative party for the middle classes, opposed to mass immigration and in favour of reducing the welfare state, striking free trade deals and so on.

They are frauds.

Like all con-artists, they always expose themselves eventually, usually near election time when they all-of-a-sudden drop their radical rhetoric in favour of a more mainstream tone. The following is an extract of an article outlining the leader of AfD, Frauke Petry’s plans for their election campaign:

When the AfD meets in Cologne in two weeks, its co-leader Frauke Petry will push for a sentence to be included in the party’s manifesto stating that “there is no space for racist, anti-semitic … and nationalist ideologies” in the AfD, newspaper Freie Presse reported Saturday, quoting a motion signed by Petry.

The proposal is widely seen as an attempt to make the party more appealing to moderate voters who have been frightened off by the far-right rhetoric of other top officials including Björn Höcke, a regional party leader. Earlier this year, Höcke shocked with a comment about the Holocaust memorial in Berlin when he said that “Germans are the only people in the world who plant a monument of shame in the heart of [their] capital.”

There you have it; no nationalism, no criticism of anything Jewish and certainly no debate about the compatibility of third world migrants and German society because, well, that would be racist?

Time and again these parties, whether it be AfD, UKIP or others that are similar, adopt the same political correct rhetoric of all the other enemy parties. They accuse their own members of ‘anti-semitism’ for simply questioning the positioning of a war monument (see the ridiculous uproar caused when Björn Höcke of AfD dared to say that Germans should stop beating themselves with a guilt stick over WWII), they throw out anybody who dares to cross into the territory of political incorrectness, and they’re all too keen to boast about their growing contingent of non-Europeans in their ranks.

These people are not nationalists. They are expressly opposed to nationalism. They have no interest in preserving Germany for Germans of Europe for Europeans, no, they are merely a pressure valve or controlled opposition that are allowed to gain ground to give the people the illusion of change.

Another crucial point about this that is so often missed, is that AfD are welcomed by the establishment for taking votes away from the real nationalistic party in Germany, the NPD (National Democratic Party), just as UKIP took votes away from the British National Party in Great Britain. So of course, the establishment welcome the rise of these ‘kosher nationalists’ in order to detract away from the real opposition – their preferred method for the latter is of course the legal system, which has been trying to ban the NPD for some years now.

Do not be taken in by these fraudsters. Do not for one second believe that the political establishment will give up their power so easily – they will not.

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