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The False Song of Multiculturalism

What even is this idea of multiculturalism that is permeating the culture of the West in these recent times? It is everywhere we look. All the countries of the West are subjected to this insidious idea that their existing cultures and traditions are somehow lacking and boring. There is this arrogant idea that Western countries need to be multicultural.



And worse of all…


Multiculturalism in the contemporary sense is defined as: “the presence of, or support for the presence of, several distinct cultural or ethnic groups within a society.” This is all fine and dandy and makes people feel warm inside by thinking that wildly different people can inhabit a common shared space and that everything will work out.



This idea is propagated by well-meaning but ultimately ignorant people. We have witnessed the fruits of multiculturalism and they are bitter indeed. The problem is that societies cannot be wildly ethnically diverse and be highly functional at the same time. The problem is that different groups will fight for political control, always and because of this there is endless conflict.

As an example, take Brazil which is one of the most racially diverse countries in the world, murder rate: 25.2.

Japan on the other hand is a very homogeneous society, with a murder rate of less than 1 in 100.000.

Another ridiculous claim of multiculturalism is that different cultures ‘enrich‘ their host countries. Enrichment such as an explosion of rape and assorted sex crimes. Regular terrorist attacks. An enormous economic strain on every country with large numbers of ‘refugees‘. Native women and children being scared of walking alone at night. Swelling numbers of jihadis. And on and on.

Proponents of multiculturalism also claim that native European culture doesn’t exist. That a continent from which the Renaissance and the Enlightenment originated from doesn’t have culture is denial of history.

As for diversity… We are a very diverse bunch.


Native European diversity


Perhaps the most obvious flaw of multiculturalism is its insistence that people and cultures mix, but what happens then? True diversity is lost and everything looks the same




Multiculturalism really means importing incompatible cultures into a Western country with the intent of destabilising it.



Diversity is a lie and is used like a weapon by the media and the Left with the intention of undermining the stability of Western countries.


How boring the world would be if all the races of the world and all their cultures became one? Is that not the opposite of diversity?

True diversity is Japanese people creating a Japanese culture in Japan. Syrian people creating a Syrian culture in Syria. Swedish people creating a Swedish culture in Sweden. It is because of the fact that people were separate that there are so many different cultures and peoples in the world today.

Let us preserve the beautiful diversity that is present in the world. Let us reject these destructive ideas and work on improving our societies.

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