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Evidence Mounts Against ‘Out of Africa’ Theory of Evolution

Out of Africa theory is nonsensical

In recent years and, of course, well away from the public debate, the ‘Out of Africa’ (OOA, for ease of use) theory of evolution has been rigorously challenged by new scientific discoveries that promise to rewrite the map of human evolution. Earlier this year, a group of researchers from Bulgaria revealed they had discovered dental fossils in southern Bulgaria and northern Greece that placed early humans in Europe 7.2 million years’ ago – at least 200,000 years before the oldest recorded hominid fossils from Africa.

Now researchers in Eppelsheim, Germany have found further evidence that Europe really is the birthplace of Indo-European mankind. A team of scientists from the natural history museum discovered more fossilised teeth, this time in sediments from the river bed of the Proto-Rhine River, that place mammals from the Hominin family in Germany 10 million years ago! 

According to the researchers, these teeth are between 4 and 5 million years older than the oldest find of a reasonably comparative nature in Africa. Which of course begs the question; how can one be in the destination millions of years before leaving the origin? Considering that our ape-like ancestors had not even the luxury of roads, time-travel was most likely beyond them.

Dr. Herbert Lutz of the Mainz Natural History Museum explains that such a find throws into question the entire accepted history of human evolution. In an interview with ResearchGate. Dr Lutz suggested that finds such as this and those of a similar nature could lend weight to the theory that a similar evolutionary process happened twice in separate places and at separate times.

This would suggest that the single origin theory, or ‘Out of Africa’ as it’s widely known, is not how Europeans came into being. What is more likely is a dual origin theory, whereby humans evolved in Europe in a similar – but not the same – way as they did in Africa, but many millions of years prior. This would go some way to explaining some of the massive differences between the European and African races, along with the theory that homo sapiens bread with Neanderthals in ancient Europe.

Dr Lutz: “We want to hold back on speculation. What these finds definitely show us is that the holes in our knowledge and in the fossil record are much bigger than previously thought. So we’ve got the puzzle of having finds that, in terms of the expected timeline, don’t fit the region we found them in. We’ve got two teeth from a single individual. That means there must have been a whole population. It wouldn’t have been just one, all alone like Robinson Crusoe. So the question is, if we’re finding primate species all around the Mediterranean area, why not any like this? It’s a complete mystery where this individual came from, and why nobody’s ever found a tooth like this somewhere before.”

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