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Europeans Discovered America Before “Natives”

Europeans were the first Americans

At a time when leftists and the eternally outraged minority contingent are attempting to rewrite the history books, it is perhaps prudent to reaffirm the truth from time to time. One of the greatest myths currently taking hold in many an ‘academic’ institution is that Europeans “stole America” from “native Americans”, turning it into a wicked state founded on everybody’s favourite pseudo-political term, “white supremacy”.

To this end, minorities egged on by their leftist manipulators, are now attempting to tear down everything that America is and ever was. Those who founded the country and those who built the country are now regarded as oppressors, thieves and criminals, as their legacy is revised and their monuments destroyed. Indeed, it has never been a more precarious situation to be of European ancestry in America today, for you are regarded in the light of this imagined notion of original sin, whereby you must atone for the alleged crimes of your ancestors.

To what extent ethnic minorities were wronged in the past or their claim to the land is a matter for debate, but can essentially be rendered irrelevant by the truth if it be subjected to the logic applied by the radical leftists. The truth in question of course, is that the land mass which is today America was first discovered by Europeans, before any other human race had set foot there.

Yes, Stone Age Europeans are now widely accepted as being the first humans found to have settled there, in lieu of any evidence to the contrary anyway. Archaeologists have discovered overwhelming evidence, through farming tools and other equipment, that Europeans first settled in America between 19,000 and 26,000 years ago.

It had previously been held that east Asians were the first Americans, having crossed the land bridge between Siberia and Alaska some 12,000 years ago. They then expanded and became what we now (falsely) believe to be the native tribes of the American continent.

However, the evidence is piling up against these falsehoods. Of course, as is becoming the norm in today’s day and age, such notions as the truth and scientific fact will not prevent the agitators from continuing to peddle a revisionist history of America. After all, science is a leftist’s best friend until it fails to support their politicised agenda.

In recent years, many prominent media and political personalities have gone as far as to suggest that “native” Americans should be paid reparations for the alleged crimes committed against them by the evil European invaders. If, as the opponents assert, one is considered a native by way of their ancestors reaching the land first, then surely any claims of theft are entirely invalidated by scientific reality.

It becomes a particularly challenging basis for debate when one considers that the Maori who are considered native to New Zealand only arrived in that country in 1250 AD. Compare this with the fact that Europeans were on the American continent potentially over 20,000 years’ ago, and the argument really begins to stack up against the opponents.

For some historical context, consider that after the last Glacial Maximum, the areas we now know as England, France, Germany, Scandinavia and so on, were repopulated around the same time as America was inhabited. Nobody would dare assert with any grounding in fact that the English, French, Germans and Scandinavians aren’t native to their lands, therefore there is a compelling case that Europeans could also be considered native to the Americas.

Alas, the enemy will still peddle myths and half truths about the history of Europeans. Regardless, all lies eventually collapse under their own weight, allowing the truth to rise to the surface.


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