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Crowd-funded nationalists Defend Europe from migrant smuggling NGO’s

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Defend Europe, a project of Génération Identitaire, is undertaking an anti-migration action in the Mediterranean right now.  Using a 40 meter former research vessel, Defend Europe plan to collect evidence against the activities of NGO’s and where possible, to return migrants to their port of departure.  Using a combination of their own funds, and crowdfunding through, Defend Europe has obtained the use of a 422 tonne ship, the “C-star” (formally “Suunta”).  They have fitted it with radar, sailed it from Africa to Sicily, and are the verge of launching their first major NGO reconnaissance / Search and Rescue mission.

C-Star, formerly Suunta.
C-Star, formerly Suunta.

Note that despite the similarity of names, and potentially similar philosophies, this website, Defend Europa, has no connection with Defend Europe or Génération Identitaire.  We share no personnel, financing, or logistics.  Defend Europa strives to report the news, while Defend Europe are making the news.

Defend Europa has previously written about NGO’s working with people smugglers to collect migrants from closer and closer to the African coast.  Rather than returning them to the nearest safe port, as specified in international law, the NGO’s have been shipping the migrants hundreds of kilometers to Sicily and Greece, while coaching them on asylum seeker claims.  Once in Europe, asylum seekers are rarely if ever deported, even when their claims are rejected.

Defend Europe / Génération Identitaire are aware of the NGO’s activities, and plan to show them to the world.  They believe that collaboration between NFO’s and people smuggling gangs is illegal, causes deaths at sea, and contributes to the migrant crisis in Europe.  Defend Europe believe that the Australian policy of stopping and or turning back every boat is the best policy for Europe.  Australia commenced this policy in 2013 and virtually eliminated people smuggling immediately.

Generation Identitaire are an organization of young, social media savvy identitarians mainly from central Europe. They have taken as the symbol of their movement “The Lambda, painted on proud Spartans shields”, which generally appears in yellow on black, or black on yellow.

Generation Identitaire Paris protest

While Huffpost attempted to denigrate their motivations, calling them “far-right hipsters”, they are very serious about their heritage and proponents of western values and culture.  They advocate non-violence and have successfully undertaken numerous public actions to raise awareness.  One of their first major actions was in 2012 where around 70 activists occupied the Poitiers Mosque (under construction), unveiled a massive banner, and demanded a referendum on immigration, and the building of new mosques.  More recently, in 2016, the leader of GI, Martin Sellner, and one other member,  used a series of ladders to climb the imposing Burgtheater in Vienna.  In protest to a controversial pro-migration play, they hung a banner saying “Heuchler!”(Hypocrites!), and threw down hundreds of leaflets explaining the action.  These leaflets criticized the islamisation of Europe, and discussed the gang rape of a young Austrian girl by three Afghan migrants the previous weekend.

Burgtheater Action
Burgtheater Action

Numerous “humanitarian” groups have reacted in shock at this Mediterranean counter migration action.  They are digging for dirt on the organization, creating petitions,   looking for wrong-think among involved journalists , and contributing to dozens of panicky articles.  Crowdfunding platform Patreon has closed their funding campaign, and Paypal has cancelled their accounts.

Pro-migrant groups claim the boat, “C-Star” is owned by the Swedish businessman Sven Tomas Egerstrom, who provides anti-pirate security services along the African coast.  In 2015, he allegedly had $2 million in automatic arms seized by Seychelles government after the crew of his vessel accused him of abandoning them.   The migrant advocacy group “Hope not Hate UK” also allege that the “C-star” has been used as a “floating armoury” for security services, and that it met with another boat, in the Red Sea to take aboard Ukrainian “security officers”.  Daniel Fiss, a German leader of Generation Identitaire, told the german newspaper, that they would take onboard security staff to protect against the actions of potentially armed human traffickers.  HopeNotHate reported Thurday that the “C-Star” had been detained indefinitely by Suez Canal Security due to problems with security documentations.  Shortly afterwards, however Defend Europe disputed the report via facebook, saying that “After a false claim by a leftist organization our ship was controlled and as nothing was found, our mission to defend Europe goes on.”  They also questioned the motives of their opponents, “This massive pressure against our project rises one important question: What do they have to hide? Why do they want to avoid a non-NGO ship in the SAR-area at any costs?”



This is a dramatic move by Defend Europe, and is believed to be the first time such a major operation has been crowd-funded by right-of-centre micro-donors.  The enthusiasm for this project shows the huge concern among ordinary people that their cultural heritage is at risk.  Young people especially, are growing aware that the values of western civilization they have always taken for granted are not fixed in stone.  History isn’t finished yet, but if we can’t preserve our homelands, our way of life will be finished.  For more information on the Defend Europe project, visit their website or wesearcher profile.

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