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DISGRACEFUL: British Government Attempts Deportation of Native Briton

Native Briton Shane Ridge has been ordered to leave the country

A 21-year-old British man has been ordered to leave the country by the Home Office, despite him actually being a native Briton – more than can be said for large proportions of our population.

Shane Ridge of Colne, Lancashire, is both ethnically British and a British citizen. However, the Home Office is of the view that he should go and live in Australia on account of his mother being born when his grandparents were on holiday there.

The aforementioned members of Shane’s family are, of course, ethnically British too.

Yet immigration officials, obviously looking for soft targets, are ordering Shane to leave the country. Having failed to deport bogus immigrants from Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and the rest of Asia and the Middle-East, the authorities have turned to those for whom the social justice brigade will not take to the streets; a native, white British male.

Mr Ridge was born in the UK, took his GCSE exams in the UK, has a UK driving licence, pays taxes and has a joint bank account with his equally British girlfriend Jodie. English is the only language he’s ever known and he’s on the electoral role to vote in this country.

The government is now sending him threatening letters, stating that his bank accounts will be closed, his driving licence revoked and that he’ll be denied access to the National Health Service.

This is nothing short of a national disgrace. How can it be that, whilst terrorists and non-European scroungers are wasting oxygen on the streets of England, that this young man who has Britain running through his veins be asked to leave?

An almost equally pertinent question is; where’s he supposed to go?

Unlike the Abdul’s and Ahmed’s of this world, Shane has nowhere to “go back” to.

The Home Office has some serious questions to answer in this case. They allow actual terrorists, petty criminals, rapists, scroungers, the chronically unemployed and the idle free reign to run amok. Pakistani rape gangsters aren’t even deported!

This is just the latest in a long string of cynical moves by the current regime to massage immigration and deportation figures in order to mislead the public.

This corrupt government, with their underhand schemes and arrogant manipulation of the legal system, has no legitimacy if they seek to expel their own, law-abiding kith and kin. Any Briton of decent moral fibre must do everything permissible to bring down this government!

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