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The Attack on Whites & The Nuclear Family

The Attack on Whites & The Nuclear Family

We all know how the story goes by now…

“Whites are responsible for every evil and never acknowledge their privilege that is the only reason they do better in life than blacks”

“It’s 2017 and women are still acting as if they still need men”

“If we mixed all the races nobody could be racist and the world would be a better place”

“All whites are racist crackers”

We’ve heard all this tripe before and quite frankly I, presumably along with you – dear reader, am quickly becoming tired of it. There’s no fresh content in the anti-white, anti-male, anti-traditional family world.

But…fear not because, as you may have noticed, the openly racist nature of these posts have suddenly increased and they’re now being churned out on an industrial level almost as if by a cold, heartless machine – which, now I think about it, describes a leftist perfectly.

This gem of an article was posted only yesterday and has already elicited a large response. You cannot get more blunt than this title – “Dear white people, you’re never discriminated against so shut up”.

Aside from the blatant hypocrisy, of which the irony is not lost on me, a few years ago an article with this title would only found on a Black Panther forum somewhere in the crack den backstreets of the internet but is now in the mainstream, which is concerning to say the least.

The article in itself is nothing special and is typical liberal twoddle; littered with sassy black woman gifs, anecdotal evidence, casual racism directed towards whites and cancerous, bland and generic pastel artwork courtesy of Ella Byworth – Metro’s own indie kid, fresh out of uni with an art degree, armed with her Wacom tablet and ready to take on the imaginary plight of women.

But Ella and the author of this piece (of crap), Miranda Larbi, have created another more indirect hit piece on whitey with this article, which you will quickly notice has a featured image of a white man having sex with a black woman. Another Metro article also has a featured image of a multiracial threesome, hitting critical mass degeneracy.

Why are mainstream outlets all so vitriolic towards whites voicing their concerns, the nuclear family and people not supporting miscegenation? Why do mainstream outlets instead love to push messages such as why interracial relations are great and how being a single parent is awesome?

The answer is simple – They believe that Trump is racist and they also believe that the whites on the traditionalist right, in wanting to preserve their nation, must absolutely despise anyone non-white. This is the perfect misunderstanding to allow them to openly empower blacks to the maximum and slander and talk down to anyone who is white and believes in Western tradition.

They are being openly racist and do not stop to think of their blatant hypocrisy in doing so.

The liberals and their media class all hate tradition, they hate being white, other whites and they hate time-tested things that work perfectly and prefer to buy into cosmopolitan, avant-garde and ultimately futile concepts.

Due to feminism they believe that women are strong, independent and empowered and can do absolutely anything that men can do and thus should neglect their primary familial duties. This creates three things; career women, lesbians and misandrists – and usually leftist women are a mix of two of these things.

They do not like to admit the fact that both parents are important in a relationship; with the father protecting the family and being the primary breadwinner whilst the mother takes on the equally important and beautiful role of the domestic goddess and looks after the children in the daytime.

They also do not like to admit that multiculturalism, interracial relations and mixed race children are damaging to the fabric of the nation, as well as all parties involved in the long term.

Up until the late 20th century throughout all of time these beliefs were not considered radical and were adopted by most people, but are now looked upon with such disdain. You are not a bad person for caring about your nation, your people and your blood relatives.

There is only one thing you need to say to anyone who dare challenge your race and your beliefs. Speak truth to power and speak it clearly:

I am white. I am proud of it and it is part of who I am.
Whites have the right to exist as a race and as a people.
If blacks are allowed to say the same and nobody speaks anything when they do not want to mix with other kinds, then so are whites.
I will never apologise for wanting to carry on my ancient lineage and raise my family as I was raised, along with the hundreds if not thousands of generations before me.
This is the basis for Western civilisation and if you do not like it – leave.

Go back to where you came from and never come back.


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