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Alternative für Deutschland, Über Alles!

Alternative für Deutschland

It seems as though we have been plagued with elections this year, and I say ‘plagued’ because as nationalists, we’ve come to expect disappointment to be an outcome as certain as the sun rising the following morning. In France, the Front National’s presidential candidate Marine Le Pen was soundly beating – albeit with some rather questionable ballot papers – by the liberal Rothschild banker Macron. In the Netherlands, Geert Wilders’ PVV fell at the final hurdle once more. Perhaps the closest we’ve come to victory is in the presidential election of this articles subject’s closest neighbours, Austria, which as we know saw their presidential election re-run thanks to a successful challenge to the legality of the result. However, after months of consistent poll leads for the nationalist FPÖ’s candidate Norbet Hofer, we once again faced disappointment in the shape of liberal globalist Alexander van der Bellen sitting not-so-pretty in the Hofberg, again after some questionable postal votes and counting methods.

And of course this Sunday, 24th September, we are most certainly facing disappointment once more – at least on the surface. Continental Europe’s most powerful country will, barring a miracle, elect Angela Merkel to serve her 4th consecutive term as Chancellor. The only question with regards to this election that remains is with whom Frau Merkel will choose to serve in coaltion; will the “grand alliance” between the CDU and SPD continue? Will she choose a reinvigorated FDP? Or will she, as some pundits are suggesting, side with the Green Party? What is for certain is that there will be no alliances with Die Linke or the only real opposition, Alternative für Deutschland.

In recent months, AfD have often been viewed as neither one thing or the other; by the establishment, they’re considered to be far-right extremists who’ve no place in the democratic process, and by nationalists they’re seen to be dancing to the tune of the establishment itself. However, they are Germany’s only real opposition party. They’re certainly not pandering to the establishment, particularly now that the party is being led into the elections by a more radical wing. The disposition of Frauke Petry – who was seen by the establishment as representative of the ‘radical wing’ of her party – has made way for more nationalistic elements within AfD to take the reigns, and now the party is beginning to look more like the real deal.

AfD’s two lead parliamentary candidates are Alice Weidel and Alexander Gauland, who supported retaining Björn Höcke as a party member in opposition to Frauke Petry’s attempts to expel him. Both have been utterly vilified by the mainstream press, thus we can infer they’re doing something right – after all, the opposite of the media’s interests tends to be what’s positive for the people as a whole. Alive Weidel has been singled out for particular degradation after Der Speigel “uncovered” an email supposedly sent by her that derided Germany’s leaders as puppets of the victorious WWII allies, whose primary function is to keep the “German people down”. On the surface, this appeared to be a typical false-flag fabrication, but curiously Weidel’s legal team have quietly ceased to insist the party’s leading lady wasn’t the author. The email went on to correctly assert that Germany is being “overrun with Arabs”, apparently in reference to the crisis catalysed by the Merkel regime’s most irresponsible open borders policy.

Alice Weidel and Alexander Gauland, Alternative für Deutschland’s lead candidates.

Alexander Gauland is also quite the character. An erstwhile CDU politician and former Bundestag member, he previously flirted with an alliance with the Greens due to their shared anti-capitalist, anti-American outlook, but this idea faded as the Green Party moved away from ecology to embrace the mass immigration of third world chancers. Now a leading member of AfD, Alexander Gauland will become the oldest member of the Bundestag if elected, in sharp contrast to Weidel’s youth. But, like Weidel, he has been the victim of a coordinated smear campaign by the enemy press. The latest in a long line of attacks from establishment newspapers has centred around a speech given by Gauland, in which he declared that Germans should be proud of their fallen soldiers of the first and second world wars. Why honouring those who did their duty and served their country is seen as so abhorrent is, naturally, beyond my comprehension, but the idea of anything other than perennial self-flagellation is apparently too much for the establishment narrative to handle.

Attracting the powerful mass media’s fullest attention is the highest compliment a politician can be paid. Their attempts at censoring, vilifying and ostracising leading AfD figures is a clear sign of the fear amongst the establishment class that their cosy globalist cartel is under attack. Aware of the consequences for them should the truth become known, they’re hysterically attacking anybody who dares to step outside the narrative they’ve carefully built for themselves. No longer do they attempt a positive campaign in favour of their establishment choices, the puppets of the Second World War victors, so focused are they on destroying opposition.

Yet despite these vociferous attacks, AfD is not losing any support. Rather, the party has seen a recent surge in the polls, as most pundits now predict – however reluctantly – that the party will sweep into the Bundestag with as many as 89 seats, potentially even more. This means that for the first time in half a century, the Germans will have elected representatives who actually care for their interests, and who aren’t simply puppets of big capital, special interest groups, or the United States. Whilst this strikes fear into the blackened hearts of our globalist foe, it should be a cause for celebration amongst the ordinary German people who have for decades been downtrodden and humiliated by those who purport to speak for them.

Björn Höcke is a leading advocate of German identity, seeking to remove a culture of national shame.

Whilst it remains pertinent to acknowledge the reality of the situation, that Frau Merkel will comfortably win a fourth term, the relative success of Alternative für Deutschland is a cause for great optimism. The naysayers who declare that Germany is lost beyond redemption should take stock of an election result that could prove to be the beginning of a new dawn. True; AfD will be nowhere near political power, but a renewal of the “grand coalition” between Merkel’s CDU and the Social Democrats could propel the party into Official Opposition status, given their numerical superiority in the Bundestag in relation to their competitors, Die Linke (The Left) and the Green Party. This status comes with special privileges, such as presidency of the budget committee and extra public funding, amongst other things, creating a powerful springboard from which the nationalists can launch a full frontal assault on the wretched Bundesrepublik establishment.

But something that is perhaps even more important than the number of seats, official opposition status or experience in parliamentary matters, is the morale boost their presence will give to the German people. For over seven decades, the victors of the Second World War, backed up by their global cabal and puppet politicians in West Germany and subsequently the Federal Republic, have worked to exterminate every ounce of patriotism or national pride from the country. Entire generations of Germans have been brought up to know nothing but shame, defeat and humiliation. So much so that in the civilised world today, growing up German is perhaps the heaviest burden a man or woman can face.

AfD Campaign Poster
Translation: ‘New Germans’? We’ll Make Them Ourselves!

All that is about to end. Finally, there will be a strong contingent of very noisy, very visible democratic representatives who can reassure and reaffirm to the great masses of an inherently shamed society; “it’s OK to be German”. These words are more valuable than any party manifesto, television debate, advertising campaign or pressure group. They have the ability to change the mindset of an entire nation. The infectious pride in one’s nation will no longer be suppressed; instead it will be nurtured by a strong group of nationalist-minded politicians who have the power to counter the psychologically oppressive measures of the establishment traitor class.

Finally, let us serve notice to the aforementioned establishment traitors who believe it to be their divine right to lead Germany on the path to destruction: you cannot control the people any longer. Your power wanes daily, as the contagious feelings of nationhood and pride begin to grow within the people once more. No longer will you stamp on the faces of Germans without any resistance. No longer will you sell out their homeland for your warped globalist dystopian fantasy. The floodgates are opening and German politics is about to change forever, and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.

Es Lebe die Heimat, Deutschland Über Alles!


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