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Zuma must apologise to White South Africans

Zuma owes white South Africans an apology for saying that they stole the land from its rightful owners and that this is the cause of poverty and unemployment in South Africa according the Freedom Front Plus MP Pieter Groenewald.

Speaking on Tuesday during the motion of no confidence debate on Zuma, Groenewald started off by saying in Afrikaans that they were convened for a serious debate into whether Zuma was fit for office but it was not clear if the rest of the assembly saw it as a serious issue.

“I want to say to you, the Honourable President should apologise to the white people of South Africa to say that they have stolen the land” said Groenewald

“The land of South Africa was taken by the barrel of a gun”

ANC Chief Whip Stone Sizane was quick to interject that the land was indeed stolen from the native inhabitants, done at force through the barrel of a gun.This is not the first black politician to use this type of rhetoric levelled at whites over the hotly contested land debate that is currently going on across South Africa.

“Land Expropriation Bill”

Land Right and Land redistribution is a sensitive issue with parliament passing the new ‘land expropriation bill’ which effectively gave them the right to seize land without having to offer the owner any compensation or even a reason as to why the land was taken other than it is in the best interest of the country, this was covered in an earlier article by Vanguard14

EFF and ANC battle for votes over land

The EFF have been pushing the land debate and using it as an electioneering tool saying that the ANC have not done enough in the last 20 years to speed up the land distribution process, they also feel that land should be taken without any compensation being paid at all. The land expropriation bill has been deemed unconstitutional by legal experts and both the DA and FF+ have said they will challenge it in the constitutional court.

In the meantime I would suggest white South Africans not hold their breath waiting for an apology from Zuma

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