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Separatist forces plan Ukrainian village takeover

A Ukrainian vilage take over

Russian-backed separatist forces plan to take over and seize a village in Luhansk Oblast, situated in the eastern Ukraine buffer zone. That’s according to the Luhansk regional military and civil administration, as Ukrainian media report.

Russian-separatist forces could use the settlement as a stronghold for future attacks on Ukrainian forces.

They write that militants are preparing to occupy Molodizhne, a small town in no man’s land along the front line.

Small town

It is a small town with only 300 residents living in the village, local authorities say.

The Chairman of the Luhansk Regional Military and Civil Administration Heorhiy Tuka explains the reasons why militants are seeking to take control of Molodizhne.

“Militants may wish to enhance their presence in the area and possibly open a new road checkpoint nearby. They may wish to set up their stronghold in the village. That is why, they dramatically increased their attacks around the Popasana area lately”, Tuka says.

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