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Savage African points gun at French citizens

Recently in France, an African Immigrant decided to share his wonderful cultural values with the French people.

He and his cultural enrichment squad paraded around what appears to be Paris, wielding a handgun.

Now, whether the handgun was genuine or not, has yet to be determined. I would assume it’s either a live firearm, or at least an airsoft gun. I don’t believe France allows the sales of such aesthetically accurate toy or prop firearms.

Odds are, this poor, helpless, ‘refugee’ brought a live weapon with him from Africa. European border checkpoints are known for being sloppy with checking the invaders possessions.

A typical behavior among Africans, is that they tend to record the crimes they commit. This one did just that. Though, I doubt there will be any repercussions against this African and his companions. That would be racist and intolerant of the evil white, French oppressors.

(Note: Video quality poor; Due to being filmed by primitive Africans)


Victims shown in the video are, of course, whites. After the attacks that took place in Paris not too long ago, your average French citizen is highly paranoid of another shooting. A random African pointing a gun at them, what looks to be a glock, sure as hell didn’t make them feel more secure.

Now, some may think, “People in America do pranks like these all the time, and put them on YouTube!”.

This is France. People in France are so raw minded to occurrences such as the one in the video, that it doesn’t sit well as a prank to anyone. You also have to consider, that weapons aren’t an common thing to see. Seeing someone with a pistol there is like a young girl having a bug crawling up her arm.

Very distressing and frightening.

These invaders seem to get bolder and bolder by the day. Soon enough, they’ll muster the courage to outright kill people in the streets, en masse, on a regular basis.

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